If God had said to me, “do not steal”, I would end up being a thief. But he said, do not take of the knowledge of good and bad. So I became the owner of all that was bad instead of just one bad thing.

Is the tree of life built on the ashes, the compost, of the tree of “death”? In the origin of man, there came a point where he just had to explore his thinking, “because it was there”. And as his awareness increased, his destiny was cemented in futility, hopelessness, and death.

But the good prevailed, and it came to him with the key that his own progressive thinking had denied him. To take that key would mean the denial of all he had learned, accumulated, over the course of his life. And yet that was the very basis of his ability to now be enabled to decide for the good, with the key as catalyst. Perhaps being able to file it now all under the heading of “death”, is the reversed state that provides the backdrop to the new emergence of “life”.

But his immediate emerging consciousness would now carry only the image of life, and the prior state would not now be allowed to emerge into this consciousness, having been assigned “death” status, but remain perhaps deep within as the counterpoise to the newly emerged status of life, while his immediate consciousness gained confidence in its ability to take in new knowledge from the living Spirit of God.

World religion and vain philosophy cannot understand this new state, or attain it. It comes through direct contact with a supernatural God whose name is Love, and whose son is Jesus.



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