Since life is initiated from heaven downwards, like the temple curtain was torn; analysing salvation from an earthly viewpoint is fraught with danger.

To rationalise God’s actions of the destruction of evil, and its outcome as new life, possibly puts one in the same hazardous position as Lot’s wife found herself when she looked back at the destruction wreaked by God on Sodom/ Gomorrah, and which action destroyed her.

It is said, “analysis brings paralysis”, a saying, the reality of, I often attempt to circumnavigate. It is hard to appreciate the Spirit, from the flesh’s point of view. To recognise salvation for what it is, it needs to be seen as coming from above, as it did at Pentecost.

God shared in our death, and by sharing in it, he destroyed it within the reality of his realm, the realm of love. This means for us, that the death we were heading for, that had power over us to control our lives, has had its power to do so, removed. And that power was to us, reality, and real in our daily living, because “through fear of death man is held in life-long bondage”.

So we have been released from the power of death, that held/holds us in death. We no longer need to be “controlled by death”, we are now available to be “controlled by life”.    [because his action has made us available]

We need to be “alive”, because life is God’s “go to” situation. Everything else is temporary, until his purposes with the earth have been fulfilled by bringing it to fruition, by “reaping the fruit” of it, and having it arrive at its creative destination.

Therefore we need to join him in his reality of love, because it is non-love that, though it may be OUR present reality, is not his, and we need to change. As far as HE is concerned, he has put those changes into effect, on our behalf. We need to claim them as our own. In order to do that, we need to claim HIM as our own. He has to become to us, leader, king, warrior, champion, Saviour.

He brought his kingdom to the earth in the form of Jesus, that his kingdom might swallow up “our kingdom”.

It is God’s concern for us, his love for us, that has taken away, and continues to take away, our “obligation” to death’s processes, and death’s “kingdom”. We must therefore involve ourselves in his processes. But having put Jesus through those processes on our behalf, we do not have to, nor could we, do what he did. What we have to do, is to reap the benefit of his victory by applying that victory in and to our lives. He has for us, substituted life for death, and he no longer views us in any other way. If we choose not to involve ourselves in the life that he is, we will be left with the deathly processes we are “used to”, and the outcome for us will be as assured in a bad way, as the outcome for us is otherwise assured in a good way, through Christ.

It is the life of love that has become the norm. “As far as East is from West, so far has he removed out transgressions from us”. Because he loves us, as children. Even the “lost” are loved. But his love is “powerless” beyond what he has already done in Christ. He cannot change us if we will to go against it, against him. (“If God be for us, who can be against us”). His will is for us, but the nature of the creative “rules”, are such that we must CHOOSE what is good and right, for its (his) own sake, otherwise we would be creatures without the ability to generate, manifest or reproduce, the characteristics of our creator.

We were made “in his image” for a purpose, that is, to carry that image forward into its country of origin, the ultimate “heavenly” kingdom, the ultimate existence, and the ultimate realisation, the giving birth to his final creation. And we are made that, and proved by that, while we live on this earth, in this life, alongside those who do not yet “believe”, in order to accelerate the process.

As we participate in his victory, those remnants of “the kingdom of darkness”, might try to re-assert themselves. But they are powerless phantoms, they have no place in truth’s reality, and are defeated by reference to his victory, which is Love’s victory. Not without grief, on many occasions perhaps, but nonetheless, already defeated in and by his love for us.

[man’s will is actually mostly bound in sin, but man still has the choice to accept freedom from that binding, having come to know the dreadful reality of it, by accepting that God’s will as expressed in Christ means the freeing of his will to serve its/his original intended purpose, which is to be a creature of love, a child of the God who is love.]




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