FAITH [52]

Is it possible to analyse and define faith properly? Abraham is given as the example of faith. But Abraham, yes trusted God, but did so to the extent that he considered Isaac invincible? This was how far his faith went, that he told those left to mind the camels or whatever, “I shall return with the boy”.

Is it realistic or not, to say that faith is knowing that it will happen? The blind men [or the lepers] were told to go show themselves to the priest and it says, “as they went, they were healed”. This shows a connection between their obedience, yes, but more-so perhaps their expectation of healing. [this also infers spiritual healing]

This is tied to confidence in the one who has the power to heal. The centurion said “say the word, and it will be done”, and Jesus said “not such great faith have I seen in all Israel”. The centurion recognised the stamp of authority and saw it in Jesus.

Jesus said he only did what his Father showed him (to do). This shows complete trust and reliance on God to control or govern what was to happen, and shows Jesus as a simple servant to what he is shown.

Jesus said, “Believe you have what you ask for and it will be yours”, or, “It will be done for you by my Father in heaven”. John goes into conditions of receiving answers to prayer, and says that “if your heart does not condemn you, you will receive..” “Because we have confidence before God..”

This all says that, as we go about his business, he will provide the empowerment and the situations that he wants us to be involved in. As long as we are doing what we are supposed to be doing (the will of God), and are obedient and open to his leading, then we ourselves are not responsible for what does or does not happen, he is.

Knowing it will happen, or expecting it to happen, speaks of “being in God’s confidence” so to speak. Peter or someone once said “seeing that he had faith to be healed..” So Peter was perceptive enough to be able to recognise faith? It also said of Jesus that “because of their lack of faith he could do no mighty works there, only that he healed a few..”

There are sometimes “psychic” instances where we may gain sight or a knowing of something that we could not describe how we knew that, and maybe similar to this is what is involved in gaining a “faith” knowledge about something, that gives us the confidence to pray “in faith”, expecting the result to happen. [“by the Spirit” would be the obvious comment].

[“quotes” are generalisations because I can’t remember them exactly and should be confirmed if one is concerned about accuracy]



3 thoughts on “FAITH [52]

  1. Hi, thanks for the comment! There is another one called “Faith Again” which was rather short and can be found from the “search” button. I can address specific subjects if you would like to nominate something! Thanks again, God bless.


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