The term “Holiness”, surely refers to that which is of the nature of God. In other words, for a person to have holiness, or to participate in holiness, implies a separation between their “normal” functioning, and God’s nature and functioning.

Similar to “sanctification”? it defines like the tearing of the veil, that there IS a “holy place” and that it is of Godly nature only. Anything else that dared try to gain access to this position would be destroyed.

To be able to gain access, is by the Holy Spirit only, and signifies the perfection that God, and his nature, is. Hence, “God’s DNA” and “The DNA of love.”

In using this DNA terminology, we can perhaps get lost in a scientific view of God. But the fact that he is LOVE overrides this tendency  so we don’t get too abstracted from the purpose.

Jesus, the high Priest, “entered into the holy place ..[with his blood]…having made [restitution?] [appeasement] for the “sins” of HIMSELF and others. [Now this is not a direct quote but I am trying make a point] Cleansing? I have to look it up, there is more to this. (Yes, it is PURIFICATION.) My statement is that Jesus actually brought about spiritual cleansing of himself by confronting his [Eve nature] human nature he had from Mary.

He was not fully holy because he was “the son of man”, because he was the son of Mary, and he was conscious of this as the son of man was his own terminology for himself. He contained within himself the same nature that we did, “yet without sin”. How is this possible, what does it mean?

He was tempted in all points as we are. “Every man is tempted when from within, BY HIS OWN DESIRE…..So Jesus temptation came from within, from an inner desire, but which was not “his own”. Just as Paul said, “not I, BUT SIN THAT DWELLS IN ME”.

Now we could enter into “original sin”, or argue that Jesus had no sin, or that Paul’s sin was of his own doing. But perhaps we miss the point. There was the quality of God, that Jesus, as his only begotten, had as his nature, from his Father. But he was human, was born like us from a woman, and had TWO DNA SOURCES.

The whole point of saying that he was made like us in every way,[?] and that he was tempted like us, in every way, was, as it says, that BY PARTICIPATION IN FLESH AND BLOOD HE MIGHT DESTROY THE POWER OF “THE DEVIL”. The “works of the devil”. (He told others that the works of their Father they did. They were of flesh, He was “of Spirit”.)(they granted flesh its desires, he denied them.)

The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. The law is the statement of fact that sin brings about death. It brought about death in Adam. “But thanks be to God who gives us the victory”.

Death was inherent in man’s DNA. Jesus was a carrier of that DNA. As well as being “set apart” from man by his holiness, that presence of God in him, the natural world of man was foreign. Though he operated from his “God nature”, he lived in his “man nature”.

There was a clash of DNA. This clash was the conflict that was said in Revelation, to be, “conquered by the lamb”.

Christ in the garden, and Christ on the cross, is a depiction of, and the reality of, the two DNA’S clashing, and in combat. The furore that accompanied this clash, within his body, soul, mind, was absolutely painful. There was physical pain and torment, there was mental anguish and torment.

He became as sin itself.

The “wrath of God” was upon him. The fire and smoke, of the holiness that he was by God, and the unholiness he was by man, were destroying him. As Geoff Bingham said, in the garden he was beginning to die.

It was a battle of life V death, and life won. the original DNA of man was restored, if not literally at that time, then established in type, by “proxy”, to be confirmed [by the adjudicator ] in due course of events.

The veil was torn AFTER Jesus said, “It is finished”. The way into the holy place was now open by the victory of the Christ.

Righteousness versus unrighteousness. A lamb without spot or blemish, but one assailed by the unrighteousness latent within him, which came from US, fallen man. The assaults of the tempter now not enough to be simply repelled, nullified, but rooted out and completely destroyed.

After the battle was over, and victory achieved, there being nothing left to do, his mission accomplished, Jesus GAVE UP his life. He no longer had a part to play, or a place to be, in THIS world.

So it was about PURIFICATION of the “species”. Man was hopelessly lost, could not recover from his position, because HIS DNA WAS FAULTY. It contained “the death gene”.

Jesus preached the Kingdom of God, from which man was alienated, and which alienation and its cause, and remedy, he was on mission to point out.

SIN is that deviation from the divine pattern, and which is permanently entrenched in mankind, and which results from “bad DNA”. “You are of YOUR father the devil” said Jesus. The “blood line” was wrong. Hence HIS blood line achieved the cleansing?

Man and God are on a collision course. Man’s world, which has already clashed with God in the person of Jesus on this earth, is to meet the same destruction that was metered out to Christ’s flesh (A body thou hast prepared for me).

Cleansing is a choice, a choice of the conscience, as the heart of God is revealed for what it is, as his love is shown to be the redemptive act that it was, That Jesus the revealed son now the revered son because he sacrificed himself to the purpose of himself and his Father. That purpose being the furtherance of Love’s Kingdom, of God himself.

The promise of God, the gift of the Spirit, is the enabling power of God to change by proxy our DNA, to purge us and cleanse us, by the power of love that he is. “By faith they achieved much… but they did not receive WHAT WAS PROMISED, that they, without us, SHOULD NOT BE MADE PERFECT.

Those that hold faith, who “create”, repair, recreate, or re-apprehend, the love DNA of GOD, by his seed, his word, and his Spirit, will have the confirmation of that DNA when he returns, and our nature becomes his nature, permanently.

[key verse – (Jesus) “having been made perfect”] [of note – the tearing of the veil, was his body]



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