There is no such thing as important doctrines. [2015-11-13] What is important is the reality in which you are living. You are either in submission to him and attentive to his will, or you are not. You are looking to His Spirit to guide you, or you are not.

Beyond the gospel, there may be some matter that people need help with. But other than that, it is “Accept meekly the implanted word, which is able to save you”.

Personally, I found there were issues to be explained, but some of those seem to have been designed to be accepted without question. Blood was one of those – It seemed insufficient to talk of blood sacrifices. And I still don’t know how people reconcile that basic principle with a loving God. It is almost as if the words and the mindset are two different things.

Romans 7 I use as a litmus test to see where people are at. Two totally at odds viewpoints there. That Paul is speaking of a Christian’s experience, or of a non Christian experience. I find it is the non Christian experience that is being recounted, since it is all about law.

Then there are arguments about heaven and hell, Sabbaths, foods, names, law, end time events etc.

It doesn’t really matter much that God’s wrath is actually his love, if you are on the receiving end of it as wrath! And it doesn’t matter much if hell is Tartarus, Sheoul, Hades, or Gehenna, if you are “in it” for however short a time, and suffering. (Jesus said there would be punishment and gnashing of teeth)(one of the parables mentioned the “torturers”).

It doesn’t really matter much, just how and when Jesus comes back for you, as long as he does! Whether it’s pre-trib, post-trib, or some other kind of trib.

So this kind of knowledge is one thing, but necessary knowledge is that which comes from being in a personal relationship with Jesus, and through obedience to Him.

Some verses could be considered relatively important.

..Love God and your neighbour as yourself.

..I determined to know nothing among you but Christ and him crucified.

..Accept MEEKLY the implanted word which is able to save you.

It is because people pick and choose the verses they want to declare as “literal” and the verses they declare to be “non-literal”, that distortion occurs. There is not a whole lot wrong with simply believing it as it is, snake handlers not withstanding.

God is Love. Love is of God. God so loved the world…

Chell Ctartarus Cgehenna Chades Csheoul Csabbath Cdoctrine


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