Christ’s sin bearing was real and distressing. [2015-11-17] Though sin could not destroy him, it went a far way along the path in inflicting “grievous bodily harm” on him. And similar to the Armageddon process, the conflict between Spirit and flesh was decisive and final. It involved much more than man and his sin. It involved God’s conscience and consciousness in his knowledge of the suffering of his creation, and of his people, not to mention his only son.

Within the Son, all the elements of the responsibility of creating pain and suffering, were heavy on him, as they were also in the Father. If this is not true then there would be something very wrong with the nature of God.

The complexity of the human personality involves all these various considerations, and they all have to be resolved into one singular entity that exhibits  the merciful and loving nature of God. This is what we see happening on the cross. It is no good in anyone’s “explanation” of the cross, to have forgotten his words, “My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?”.     Abandonment.

If that is not an expression of the suffering that sin causes, then I don’t know what is. The suffering seen from God’s view, the suffering from Jesus view, and the suffering from the creation’s view. These three viewpoints are expressed in the cross, and Jesus combined them all together until they were resolved into one final “product”, the first born of the creation itself.

“It is finished” was the cry not only of an atonement for sin, but of the creative “product” itself. His “baptism” was over, his task achieved, his reward in front of him.

And now He wills himself towards us, he leans in close with the breath of life, and breathes it on us. The Holy Spirit, the promised gift for all who will receive HIM, is simply the life He exudes towards us from his position as High Priest at the right hand of the Father. It is as near as the slightest inclination of belief, at the slightest indication of faith, until the seed grows and mushrooms into life, and Christ has been formed in you.

It is because you are “in Him” that he will be bringing you with Him when he returns, unless you are still alive at the time, when He will take you up with him to meet Him in the air. The last battle is approaching. Let us determine to be in faith and ready for his coming.



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