God found fault with the covenant.

There is a covenant of life found with agreement with God.

Jesus is the placenta to us, his blood now = the Holy Spirit in the eternal womb.

Adam was still born, maybe miscarried or even aborted by the eternal womb. Flesh (and blood) first, then the spiritual.

The imperfect effect of the “perfect” law on man. Law = cause and effect. Because of the law, Paul murdered Christians, and Cain murdered Able.

The blood of the new covenant, the eternal womb. Jesus was the first born, not from the flesh and blood of Mary, but given birth through the death of death on the cross. WE, having been “born again”, through faith, wait for that birth to occur in the reality of the resurrection. But we are “in him” and members of his body, whereby we are fed from him as the “placenta” (High priest) as mediator of the new wine [blood] which gives us life because it is the reality of the Holy Spirit.


The effect of law on Adam was to result in him being driven from the presence of God. “They could not stand the commandment”. The “works of the law” in this case was to realise itself in the murder of Able by Cain, and all the blood shed by man down through the ages.

The law was temporary because “it made nothing perfect”. By its perfection, it brought to light and caused manifestation of all that was imperfect in man. By so doing, it revealed the fact that it, the law, was in and by itself, imperfect. Just as Paul, in and by, or of, himself, [in Romans 7] could never be perfect. “Flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom”.

It is not through law that God promised Abraham he was to inherit the world.

So the law was necessary to reveal the imperfection, or death, within man, so that at the right time, Christ could be manifested on the earth to introduce a new agreement with God, the old agreement [covenant] was a shadow of that reality that Jesus brought to us.

Since there is a new and old covenant, how can people say that the law is not done away with? The new covenant is established now, already, by his blood. How can people cling to the old when the new has come to replace it?

And what law are we talking about here? NO, not the laws of physics that may uphold the creations orbs in orbit, not some eternal law that many suppose God to be, but the INFERIOR “law of Moses”. The law that allowed divorce, something that God hated. And why did Moses allow divorce? “Because of the hardness of your hearts” said Jesus.

This Jesus, who picked the corn in disobedience of their sabbath laws. This Jesus, who healed on their sabbath. This Jesus, who dared to END their law system by COMPLETING it with his death on the cross, and taking within himself all the inadequacies  and failings both of what the law produced and indeed THE LAW ITSELF. His death was a consequence, was the effect, of the “law of sin and death”, which is what the law became to man.

Paul called it, THE MINISTRY OF DEATH.

The law was “ADDED BECAUSE OF TRANSGRESSIONS”. Those moaning Israelites, swept from the jaws of death, extracted from the slavemaster Egypt, which was a picture of THEIR ENSLAVEMENT BY LAW. And on the way to the promised land they moaned and complained until their sin consumed them by serpents bringing them death.

Elsewhere, Paul says “…I say, not the Lord…”  Because of man’s imperfection, man is unable to CONTAIN perfection. God’s dealings with man have to be “mediated” through “intermediaries”. Whether they be prophets, apostles, or Jesus the “High Priest”.

Man has to be dealt with, communicated to, on an inferior basis because of his inferiority, and this includes THE LAW. So until Christ came, there was to be NO PERFECTION.    but   “Now that the perfect has come”.

Now Christ is here, man CAN contain the perfect Christ within, CAN deal perfectly with the perfect God, via Jesus as intermediary, and via the NEW covenant [“by his blood”] SPIRIT.

So man enters the new covenant from out of the old, but enter it he must. To cling to the shadow, when the reality lies in the sun (Son) is delusional. Those who remain, by CHOICE, in the old covenant, are WILLINGLY remaining in death, and are disregarding the SACRIFICE OF CHRIST.

[“For the law made nothing perfect, but the bringing in of a better hope did”]

Claw Cblood Csabbath


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