Those who wish to perpetuate “the law”, are those who wish to set up a controlling organism of complication within the human mind. Law is a means of structuring people’s thinking, by straitjacketing, or brainwashing them into believing that they have to conform to some pattern of idealised “righteousness”, by tying every brain cell to the correct response, in order to “perform” in a manner pleasing to the “deity”, God.

But where it says “taking every thought captive to Christ,” it is not saying that this is done by reference to law, or some law process that has been set up or constructed by a particular sect or denomination, but is saying that the mind that is controlled by the Spirit, which mind has been flooded with forgiveness and love, will be automatically patterned according to Christ. We are to be “partakers of the divine nature”. Not by being structured according to law, but being permeated by the divine nature, via the Spirit [“Who is the Lord”].

The whole idea of law structuring, means that the person is actually remote from the divine influence, and thus also remote from the infusion of life that the Spirit brings. In other words, law locks people into death. They remain “flesh and blood”, [they cannot and have not, inherited the kingdom of God] without the necessary sanctification by the living Spirit of God, without, in other words, CHRIST.

The law is only shadow, the reality is found in Christ. It is like standing under the shade of a tree, and complaining about feeling cold. Only that for most, they don’t even realise they are cold, having never stepped out into the sun (Son).

The righteousness found in law is inferior to that found in Christ.

Claw Cstructure


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