Life carries with it, its own promise. Youth has the fresh blush of Spring about it, and carries the hopes and aspirations of those who have entered into this human existence, not of their own will, but that of their parents.   [hope springs eternal]

So we carry on through, some managing to hang onto this hope within them, until maybe the approach of death shatters them, while others are disillusioned at an early age. A lot of this is “the luck of the draw”, whether you were born to good or bad parents, and economic and moral factors contribute to one’s willingness or resilience or otherwise, to remain buoyed.

Some few souls seem to retain this inner hope even though life hammers them down, it sometimes appears barely recognisable as an inner spark, yet weighed down and oppressed, unable to blossom.

Life carries a promise, a hope of fulfillment, only opposed by death. But would all be rosy if by some means, death was removed from the earth? Those early aspirations could easily be replaced by selfish desires, and consequently trouble and strife would emerge.

So to provide choice in this matter, the creation is allowed to go its own way, subject only to the communication in some way, of moral influence.

The creation itself testifies to the glory of God, we are told. Over the years there were people and prophets who sought to teach and guide, with varying success. The nation of Israel emerges as a signpost to all, that something significant is brewing, that morality has an origin sourced from the eternal nature of the Creator, that there is communication between him and us.

For those who believe it, Christ has removed death from the earth, from individuals who receive Him and his message. It is now by choice that people decide, select, to believe or to disbelieve the message of life. To those seeking for that which is right, they choose Him. For those who seek their own self centredness, they choose themselves over Him.

Those who are aligned with truth choose truth, those who are aligned with the lie, the non-truth, will choose to deny the truth of righteousness, of what is good.

To be in Christ is to live in the [assured] hope that life will persist even if death appears to have the upper hand. Life is to be celebrated. Paul emphasizes the “need” to “rejoice”. There is reason to be thankful and joyful, even amongst the defeats of this world. That which is supernatural and eternal has visited us and promised us, through his Son, that to believe in him is to gain eternal life. Because such belief defeats death and the reasons for it.

And by so doing, the creation is freed from the process of incubation, and gives birth.


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