The Spirit of LIFE Set Me Free [80]

“The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set me free from the law of sin and death” Romans 8.

Now it would not be normal to talk about the Spirit in terms of law. What is being said is that the very nature of the Spirit in terms of its behaviour and observable character, function, is one both remote from law and also superceding of law. It has greater authority. It bears the fruit of love joy peace.

Whereas the law, being the law of sin and death, simply highlights the nature of sin.

The “law” of the Spirit is that which promotes life. “Love covers a multitude of sins”.

Jesus said that we would not walk in darkness, but would have “the light of life”.

Hence we see that the Spirit of LIFE set me free, because life is the opposite of the bondage of death. It is, of course, the SPIRIT that gives life in the first place, but this Spirit is identifiable and locateable  in others and in us as a vibrancy and a hope which denies death and embraces life, and is in itself, life.

The LIFE is a free gift that comes from “The Lord, who is the Spirit”. The Spirit of life, as it is in Christ, we embrace in denial of the ‘Spirit of death’.

The “laws” governing the Spirit of life, or the laws governing life, override and supplant the laws governing the operation of death, because those laws and the death they “govern” are superseded.  In fact,  ABOLISHED.  In practise the ‘law of life’ “interferes” with the law of death, because the two are in opposition. And through [because of] Christ, life is ascendant.

Where life exists, death has no say, no control, no authority. If the kingdom of God has come to you (and in Christ it has), the ‘kingdom of death’ is just a shadow, a phantom, it has no authoritative reality.  Love wins, life wins, has won.

In a bit of a ‘word play’, following from John Davy’s article “EDEN another perspective”, I submit the following.

The “tree of Life” is the Spirit (Jesus), and the FRUIT of that tree is love, joy peace etc.

The spirit (tree) of LIFE, set me free from the (tree) of knowledge (law) and death.

The ‘tree of knowledge’ (fruit death) is [the] law.

Cspirit Claw Ctree



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