ROMANS CHAPTER 7 (still) [89]

People continually come up against this Romans chapter 7, commonly because they think we are still under law. Because they think we are still under law, they think that the law as described in this chapter is still binding. [on them]

“He has abolished the law” This is fundamental to a proper Christian understanding of the faith. To not understand this is to not understand R chapter 7 which speaks of the pre Christian experience, not the Christian one.

Paul puts forth the principle of captivity to sin BECAUSE OF THE LAW. To get this wrong is to be truly “behind the eight ball”, ie disadvantaged “to the max”.

It is our RELEASE from the law that empowers the Christian life, albeit that this release was obtained through his love for us in Christ. Sin was condemned within the body of Jesus. “One died for all, therefore ALL DIED”. The law has no jurisdiction over those in Christ, who “died with him” (by faith) ie they believe it.

“The sting of death is sin and “THE POWER OF SIN  is THE LAW”.

Through Christ taking the penalty of the law (death) FOR US, we live by the Spirit of life and not by law. SIN HAS NO POWER TO CONDEMN US BECAUSE OF THIS. We can live freely in the grace of God, by his loving goodness towards us. We are not restrained in our appreciation of him, because of fear because of guilt.

HE HAS ABOLISHED DEATH.  Sin and death are properties of unbelievers, and are abnormal conditions for believers. But in any case, being a believer is to “know and rely on the love that God has for us”, that love that forgave all sin in the body of Christ. He is a PERMANENT sacrifice for sin, this sacrifice does not go away, does not change, and does NOT DEPEND on any sin or guilt condition. HE HAS ABOLISHED SIN AND DEATH so we will not be a slave to its condemnation of us.

Where the “catch” is, is that those who don’t believe it WILL REMAIN IN THEIR DEATH. It is faith, believing in his dealing with sin PERMANENTLY, that releases one from the power of sin to “keep you dead”. To believe, is to rise to life with him, and as he did. Except the physical realisation of this comes later, though by faith the benefits are immediate and eternal.

This is why Romans chapter 7 is talking of those who are STILL UNDER THE LAW. And this law is simply that law that Moses gave the complaining Israelites on the way to the promised land. THE LAW WAS ADDED BECAUSE OF (their) TRANSGRESSIONS. The law was temporary. “Now that Christ has come we are not under the law.”

The law was given to reveal sin, so that Christ’s sacrifice to cover it would be appreciated. The more sin is forgiven, the more love is established. Love is eternal. Nothing else is. The return to God, reconciliation through Christ.

[43pth] Cromans C7 Cseven


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