God took our sin within himself, by allowing its consequences to work death in him (in Christ’s body, and in God’s “mind”.) Our sin is in this way “gone” not having any (judicial, and therefore actual) further consequences*, (Even if we choose to remain dead, by disbelief*), and is this way without us even knowing or being aware. We only become aware “when someone tells it to you”. (The law says you are dead, the gospel of forgiveness frees you from law.) (The law of sin-consequence.)

So this is the case even before you were born, that your sins were taken away by God. And what took them away? His love, his loving action, his very nature. Could your sins have been forgiven even before you were born? What then is forgiveness? In this case, forgiveness is what God does, and is seen to be, in Christ. And what he is, has been established “from the beginning”. And what he has been seen to have done in Christ, for over two thousand years.

It is we who are recent on the scene, who have entered into an already established salvation scenario.

So forgiveness is already established with God in Christ. “He himself is our forgiveness”. Forgiveness, as it is presented in Christ, now has to be recognised by you. It is your acceptance of his forgiveness as shown to already exist in Christ, that sees you entering into this “new covenant”. By doing so you are testifying as to the completeness of his love and mercy. You are leaving your death and entering into his life and your real life.

God and his love are long established, it is we who are the newcomers, who live our lives without awareness of his grace, or who DO join with him in his truth. He has seen our sorrow and has shared in it with us, appealing to us to enter into his world of love, that joy also may be our experience, as a result of having real life.

Don’t let his love be in vain, don’t allow the effect that sin has had on you, to remain in control. Don’t stay spiritually dead, but come to life in him, come alive.

Nothing can ever change, unless you first accept the foundation he has laid down as the means by which you escape the claims of sin and death, namely, his sacrificial love in Christ, which definitively removed our sin-death, for the whole world to plainly see.

[our sin no longer exists in God’s sight, he sees only life or death (life or no life), he sees us or he doesn’t see us]

*Later edit. – Our sin has been paid for but is still there if we refuse not to allow that payment to be of benefit. In other words, if we remain the same without taking advantage of this forgiveness already in effect, we WILL meet with consequences later.


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