Three Thoughts for Thursday [100]

The man who loves his wife has already solved half his problems.

The sin that isolated us, now through redemption, isolates us from sin. That which caused our isolation from God, through sinning, now reunites us with him through the redemption of that sin, and as one redeemed, removes us from the sin scenario, to follow the one who redeemed us.

Faith is that which affirms God and becomes the substance of that affirmation. The substance of that affirmation becomes the basis for the confidence to ask and to receive. It is the degree of confidence we have in God that delivers the fullness of answered requests. It is the single minded person (“let thine eye be single”) who has their prayer answered. “A double minded man will receive nothing from God”. Faith and confidence are the creators of reality.

[ps the man who loves God has solved all his problems]


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