Israel in the Middle East seems liable to possible near destruction because of the inevitability of overwhelming forces eventually succeeding in their aim to destroy that physical witness which the true God has put forth as his statement to the world regarding his existence.

Paradoxically, its destruction will result in its liberation from its earthly form to its heavenly form, in that the true “Israel”, being the true sons of Abraham, will finally be revealed. As to the extent of the physical destruction before Christ returns, that is debatable, but there is a parallel to the destruction of the temple, both the 70AD one, as well as the human body of Jesus, and also including all humanity.

Christians have this “type” of bodily destruction in baptism into the death of Jesus. They are “born again”, not of the physicality, but of the Spiritual. Not of the laws of known physics, but of the supreme laws of God’s existence, nature, love. Even so, they are also in their physical bodies, subject to the regenerative forces, action, of the Holy Spirit, which does actuate some physical, mental and holistic recovery of the degenerative processes of  human physiology.

To mention Israel might also be opportunistic to say that there are some who claim Judaism will be the source of the anti-Christ, but normally this would be attributed to conspiracy theories.


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