DEATH [113]

The greatest tragedy of life is death. And the greatest tragedy of death is being aware of the cessation of life. Yet we “live” our lives in the knowledge of this forthcoming death, and it overshadows all that we do and think.

If life is a life that always moves in the shadow of death, how terrible is this? And if the awareness of life includes the awareness of guilt, shame, and fear of death, wouldn’t it be logical to at least investigate any possibility of changing this?

The hell we talk about, seems to be what we are hiding from, trying to avoid the realities that from somewhere in our mind is always emerging and colouring our day.

When God says he has removed death from this world through Jesus, he is enabling us to take hold of a proposition that says life is freely available.

Why does it have to be by faith? Because faith opens up the mind, the imagination, the heart, the spirit, to flow freely in the appreciation of life and love. The Spirit of life has to be a flowing thing that permeates our core being, that is not a product of the mind in some copycat kind of following of a system of laws or regulations.

It has to be the Spirit of the life giver himself, who created us in his loving image, and restores us to his intended design by leading the way and paying the price for us so we can freely enter that which he has provided by dealing with death on the cross and becoming the life source for us all.

For those who enter into this life that he gives, the promise is that this life itself will assure us of its truth, and that it contains the promised result of belief, being freedom from fear and guilt, and replacing it with love and peace. We enter that life on the premise that it is a life that will last forever, because it is the eternal kind of life.

Lives that are less than the eternal kind, will not last for eternity. If we take him up on his promise, and live as those who are freed from death, living in his promise, he will at the end of time, confirm this truth by transforming your physical earthly body into one that lasts forever with him, because you are living with him now.

‘Without him we can do nothing’. Without his intervention, and without his life inside us, we are powerless, we have no power over death and sin. We must have the life to do the life and to be the life. “I am the way the truth and the life” said Jesus.

If we are to be free of death, we must embrace life, his life, and reject death, our death. We must embrace life as he has purposed it to be, and then we will know what that means.

‘He who believes in me will never die, but will have the light of life’. The word that created the universe also seeks to create in us, still by his word, the fullness of real life. In seeing his cross take our death upon himself, and then also in rising to life for us, and him pour out his Spirit for us, means in faith we must take hold of what this means, and go forward in his promise in an expectant fashion. As we relinquish death, we gain life, the life we gain overpowers death, in fulfillment of what his cross achieved.


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