An article by Richard Rohr.

A friend sent me this link which I found to be very interesting, I hope you do too.

Catonement Cincarnation



  1. The info @ the link you provided is quite an important perspective, especially from a Roman Catholic Theologian. I was surprised (and then blessed) to find such agreement with the ideas expressed as referred to by the author as God’s Plan A” (no such thing as HIS plan “B”). This should speak volumes to those who possess ANY notion that man can somehow “earn” the love of God tthru their own works — however good or sincere. Indeed, atonement came from God’s love; it is NOT the necessary step to receiving HIS love. A good perspective on the proverbial “placing the cart befor the horse” syndrome.

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    • The idea “crossed” my mind, but blog form articles provide continuing info, whereas a book would, like most, require a beginning and an ending. While much subject matter exists to fill many pages of material, I don’t have the writers expertise to properly format in a reasonable order what already exists, nor any idea for a logical ending. Any suggestions?


  2. While blogs are up to date info, what has been written before is valuable resource material which may be lost if one “falls off the perch”. To gather all the blog material together (it already is there to be downloaded) and present it under a suitable heading as an easily accessed download (which you may or not make a small charge for perhaps) would thereby preserve the info from loss. Just a thought. Thanks Mark.


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