GOD’S MARVELLOUS PLAN and man’s hidden destiny [125a]

Second edition

Whatever the arguments back and forth about evolution [or not] may be, it remains a fact that the spirit of man and the Spirit of God have collided and colluded to produce an embryonic organism that is capable of true love.

Using the existing nature of man with all his weakness and failings, God has predestined man’s nature to be renewed by the inner desire for something better, and the recognition of the nature of love, which is God. By this desire and recognition, the God sent catalyst, by which man enters this embryonic state, by commitment faith hope and trust; is Christ.

The cross of Christ contains the necessary information by which man’s inner being is able to grasp and comprehend the true nature of love, and the true nature of the “sacrifice” necessary to enable the apprehension of that love. By cleaving to the truth and reality about the nature of God, his loving purpose and intention towards mankind is revealed.

The first “embryonic” “creature” is Christ, who by divine origin is enabled to overcome man’s inherent weakness, and by overcoming it in himself, to provide the model by which man is enabled to overcome his own weakness also. He became a new life form that is able to be accessed by man to exchange weakness for strength.

The same pattern that changed his nature from mortal to immortal, is now imprinted upon believing man in such a way as to grow him in embryonic format towards his ultimate destiny which is to be with Christ which takes place when Christ returns to empower what is spiritual and destroy what is not.

The “Christ within” instigates and enables the necessary changes to remove man from the physical to the spiritual so that he will not be destroyed, but will live from then on in the eternal state.

So call it evolution or creation the result will be the same, it will not change because one claims the one or the other, regardless of the truth of the matter. Man is in ascendancy towards God, for those who believe, who want this badly, who are dismayed by the current world and even by their own performance in it, and are prepared to join with him in the continuing process of adjustment of their awareness and consciousness even though that may mean being in opposition to the present world, so that some suffering in one’s being results.

The prize is well worthy of the process, guaranteed by the death and resurrection of Jesus, God’s son, that we might follow in his footsteps.


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