Resurrection first occurs inside the believer, as they believe in the resurrection of Jesus. All the elements contained in his death and resurrection also are present in the believer, who follows Jesus both in his death and life as well as walking with him daily, “carrying his own cross”.

Through identification with him, the believer undergoes a transformation through the recognition of his guilt, now taken by another, and the love involved in this action which cleanses their conscience, brings about indebtedness to him. The huge frustration of death is removed as words of life appear to the believer’s heart and mind.

This inner resurrection is that spoken of (after Jesus’ resurrection) as “those who take part in the first resurrection will not be harmed by the second death”. Meaning that those who take part in Jesus and his resurrection, are made alive with him, and are henceforth part of his “kingdom”, nevermore to die. (They are “in him”).

This involves the acknowledgement of the inner death of sin, in that Jesus bore it for us. (As far as the East is from the West, so far has he removed our sin from us).

The driving out of the spirit of death, opens our heart to the Spirit of life, HIS Spirit, which is “received by faith”. This faith simply means the faith in Jesus which cleanses the heart, since “Christ dwells in your heart through faith”, and “The Lord is the Spirit”.

When Christ returns, the believers will be changed, become of immortal physicality, and “meet him in the air” to be with him forever. This then is the “second” resurrection. There is also a “second death” as spoken of above, the physical death of all flesh is the first.* So in a sense the first resurrection for the believer is spiritual, the first death is physical. But unbelievers will suffer both the first physical death as well as the Spiritual second death, which simply confirms their spiritual state (dead).

[The lamb slayer becomes at one with the lamb. The lion lays down with the lamb.] [*one could also include the first spiritual death of humanity through Adam]



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