Jesus came to “destroy the works of the devil”. This devil is the same one found in the garden of Eden. Far from being some supernatural being however, the devil means the accusing nature of man in accusing God of being complicit in conspiring to deceive us to prevent us from gaining the knowledge of good and evil.

[how this devil appeared is that man was created with the ability to think for himself, and, being  prompted by the prohibitive commandment, caused “the thinking wheels to start turning”, man created a scenario in which God was not who he represented himself to be]

What Jesus came to do, was to destroy the inner accusatory nature of man that comes from guilt, (and guile) and he did this by removing from us sin and guilt, thereby destroying its power to accuse.

The way he removed this was by displaying what effect sin and guilt had on him, as sin attacked the nature of love. [the fruit of the lie attacked the {fruit of the} truth]. He overcame the opposition to himself and perfected himself as the forerunner of all recovered humanity.

The real agent in this is God’s love, in that the real nature of God demands that all be shown love, and that means all be shown forgiveness. The action of Jesus on the cross means that all have been subjected to both love and forgiveness.

Some will take notice of this, some will ignore it. Since Jesus showed how God’s love forgives at his own expense, and that man is freed from sin and guilt and condemnation, he is liberated from all oppression, including self condemnation. This takes the wind out of the accuser’s sails, there is nothing left to accuse.

The fact is, that God does not hold man’s sin against him, he releases him from it. If however, man continues to want to retain his sin, then he also retains his guilt. God provides life, man is free to retain death. Man can continue to disregard the life that God gives, but will as a consequence be devoid of life.

So it relies on belief that a change of position has occurred [but which was really always there] that has drastic effects on how man perceives himself and God. “saved by faith”. That change of position gives man access to life which is freely available and freely given, even as it has already been given on the cross.

The “free gift” is truly free, and sets man free. “only believe”.

[“after having been taken captive by the devil to do his will”] [“this is the work of God, to believe in the one whom he has sent”].

God has removed the “debt” of sin and death, of all guilt, so we are free to live freely before him. Read Romans 7 to see how the law entrapped man in guilt, before awareness of forgiveness through the cross freed him “into the liberty of the children of God”.

http://www.the-gospel-truth.info/bibleteachings/the-true-identity-of-the-devil-satan/ Although I have provided this link, please be wary about other information contained in this site. See also   http://www.ex-christadelphians.com/2016/02/has-jonathan-burke-been-disfellowsipped.html


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