Thought I’d reproduce here two paragraphs from “The truth about the devil”, which struck me as particularly informative.

“It does not help the traditional viewpoint when we look at how Jesus managed to “destroy the works of the devil”, without first understanding that it was man’s corrupt nature he had come to destroy, by destroying it firstly in his own body, so that this victory could then be applied to others who followed him.

“Their hearts were cleansed by faith”. This is the giant shift from captivity (to do the works of the devil) to freedom and release from fear of sin and death. The law of sin and death found its fulfillment in Christ’s body, and so the law was “abolished”. The power of sin to bring man into, and to maintain him within, that state of captivity, and to do the works of the diabolos, was destroyed.”

And the quote from Geoffrey Bingham, something to the effect that “nothing will satisfy the conscience of God that does not first satisfy the conscience of man”.


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