How marvellous if death was not the grim spectre on the horizon of our lives. Putting aside of course, that on the one hand it could mean anarchy and chaos, as people “take advantage”; to look on the positive of it means the taking away of a huge negative.

When we are children we advance in life with no thought of tomorrow. Gradually the idea of death manages to infiltrate our thinking so we become aware that life is temporary. What a downer!

What would it be like to live this life with the thought that it could go on forever? And that our thoughts were governed by the information that this life would be transformed into something unimaginably more wonderful than the present one!

Just dwelling on it would be enough to lift your spirits to the sky, and certainly lift them beyond some of the troubles of this present life. People might stop you in the street and ask what on earth you are thinking, that you have such a big smile on your face.

Yet this is what we are promised in Jesus. Not only that there is a life that continues beyond this one, but that the very business of being in this one, with the knowledge and belief that it is so, creates in us a new way, a new form of living hope that transforms us by its very beauty and infinite promise; it invades our present living and changes every attitude and thought.

How marvellous indeed if death is no longer the spectre of futility, the phantom that dogs our heels every day and every waking moment.

Come alive! He says to us. Take up the banner of true life, the one we are easily capable of envisaging in our hearts as we consider the tragedy of this current system of darkness that brings pain to every earthly heart, and instead forge ahead every day in the blessed hope of his appearance, his return to the inhabitants of this sick and weakened earth.

“Look, I am coming soon! My reward is with me, and I will give to each person according to what they have done.”

[Later Edit. The sad thing about death is that it deprives the person of the opportunity to love and be loved. in other words, to truly experience the life that will last eternally]. [death takes away from you the ability, the potential, and the opportunity to love and share love]


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