I read on someone’s blog how God kept all of his promises in the bible. Yet I have also read in another article how God failed to keep all these other promises, and it is easily seen in scripture how this is so.

Some people insist tongues are necessary as proof of salvation. Yet the word says “do all speak in tongues?” Meaning, NO.  Others deny miracles, yet they may be seen when the appropriate visiting Pentecostal evangelist comes to town. Of course you may have to wait twenty years between visits, because they are few.

Others call their priest “Father”, when the bible plainly says, “call no man Father”, and, “do not forbid people to marry”, but they do. Some find no problem with homosexuality, there even being homosexual priests, but it is plainly a sin.

There is a general acceptance of women as the equal of men in the pulpit, yet Paul said “I do not permit a woman to teach or have authority over a man”, and he gives the reasons, which have nothing to do with culture.

Plainly the bible says we are not under law anymore, yet many say we are. Why all this dissension, and what then is the centrality of Christianity, other than Christ?

I know of a man who went through various experiences which culminated in an audible voice speaking to him, and which led him to ministry of both healing and the preaching of the gospel. His summing up was simple, “it’s just Jesus, it’s just Jesus”.

Truly what we are looking for can be found in Christ, we in him and he in us, and also we are his body on this earth. So the centrality is located in Christ, and we are to follow him, but this following means that we are to undergo a similar transforming process that he did in overcoming in his body, that which was not spiritual.

In giving oneself over to “the cause” (Jesus), trials and tribulations can be expected as the Spirit confronts that which is in you that shouldn’t be in you. In other words, the composite person that you are must become simplified – the various characteristics that make up the person that you are must give way to the characteristics of Jesus, who bore the identity of THE son of God.

Whatever components and variations of humanity be in you, whatever degree of logic or emotion or any such personal attributes or deficiencies, must be confronted and submitted to divine scrutiny, not in theory but in practice, so that all the things that you were or are, become obvious and transparent, resolving into the nature of Jesus, that nature which is of singular design and purpose.  [“Only BELIEVE”]

All this will come if and as you submit to him and his Spirit. All this is already yours by faith, and is yours in further reality if you pursue the course he has laid out for us all, not shrinking back but pushing forward to apprehend all that he has for us. We are to lose ourselves in him, so he can be set loose in us, so he can set us loose in the world also, with his Spirit and his love. Then we also may say, “It’s just Jesus”.


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