Life can be disappointing. The employment you chose, the marriage you chose, the family you didn’t choose, bad health or a myriad of other things may be a disappointment in life.

The things we wanted, the dreams we had, the life we thought we might have had – all this can seem to become entangled in a web of frustration.

Why?  We might ask, has this come to be so, why have I arrived at this point in my life where all seems to be difficult, awkward, and painful.

We have to look at origins, our family background, for some of the reasons. The family upbringing may have been reasonable or not so, depending on many things.

Then we have to look at choices and decisions, and why they were made the way they were. Motivation can be self interest in the main, which is only natural. After all, I am me, and me and I are all I know in terms of self desire, self interest, and just plain self.

This great list of self things can make us selfish. We may think only or mainly of ourselves, and our own benefit.

If we have mainly only sought to involve our own best interests, perhaps at the expense of others, or that others, because of our actions were disadvantaged in some way, there is the possibility that we may feel guilt. And whether we feel it or not, an independent look at our lives must surely reveal that we have been less than perfect on more than one occasion.

Accumulatively speaking, as creatures of some sensitivity, initially at least, we may find that this sensitivity gets dulled by life experience, especially where we have been emotionally hurt or deprived.

We become used to seeking for our own benefit, which also includes dodging any hurt that may come our way. We are looking after number one, and that is only natural. The trouble is, we become caught up in the person we have become, and may lose perspective or a sense of good life direction, even if we have tried to live with the interests of others in mind.

The problem is that we see everything as relative, instead of absolute. Our life’s goals may have been fairly poorly defined and without a degree of clarity necessary to pursue them, especially as they may have been fairly broad and seated in the ignorance that comes from inexperience and lack of knowledge and lack of certainty of aim and goal.

All of our life’s experiences may combine to register as a vote of no confidence in the direction we are heading.

This gives rise to self judgement and feelings of failure or inadequacy.

We have to admit that sometimes we have made a muddle of it, and that’s because we have a muddled view of our only worthwhile purpose in life. If we live only to look after ourselves, then we are guilty of selfishness, and neglect of our fellow travellers in life.

The only thing that makes sense, and which our consciences can ultimately stand, is that we pursue the doing of good in the universal sense; that we seek to do whatever is right regardless of the consequences.

This means setting our own welfare to one side, not to neglect it, but so we can see clearly enough to be able to recognise that for us to do good, and to avoid bad, is going to place ourselves in a position of non-vulnerability as far as peace of mind goes. [in other ways it may render us vulnerable].

Seeking to arrive at the best solution for all people, is the only logical conclusion to being a part of the human family, and all the best things we could possibly hope for, for ourselves and others, are to found in the pursuit of doing what is right.

Well, how do we know what is right? Many sources have fed us over the years in this regard. Parents, teachers, churches, civil law amongst others. Our conscience feeds us with information, a lot which we may choose to reject for reasons of self satisfaction, but maybe other things which we do act on in the interest of satisfying that conscience.

At the end of the day, we are a mediocre collection of mediocre experiences that are giving us a hard time, but which may have had some effect in clarifying certain aspects of life, which we would like to change, but don’t see how to.

This somewhat negative description of life is all the same a usually accurate one. There needs to be a way of focusing on a life that is really worthwhile, and which immediately releases us from the immediacy of our predicament.

We need a good teacher who is someone of authority, who knows which way is up. For this purpose, you can’t go past someone named Jesus. He was involved in real life and saw the misery caused through people not being clear about the purpose and objective of life.

He saw the broken relationships, the reasons for friction between people, the fights, the conflict because different people wanted different things, or attached different importances to various aspects of life. Mostly self interest was to blame. Frustrated people unable to get what they want become angry and lash out at each other and the world.

Only inner peace will solve this, will remove the inner conflict that comes from life’s frustrations, will resolve the internal issues of our hearts and minds. The things we feel deeply about, our inner hurts, loves, and desires.

He knew them all, because he was a very special person, intuitive yes, but more than that, he was somewhat psychic, he knew what people were thinking, what was on their minds and in their hearts. He had everyone’s best interests at heart, and demonstrated the power to heal bodies minds and emotions. He put his finger on the problem well and truly, that there was internal conflict caused by us being at odds with that which sought to tell us we needed to cease trying to do things our own way, and instead to try doing what was right.

Our conscience, which hopefully is still in play and we haven’t distorted it too much, really wants us to bring all that we are to the light, so we can discard the rubbish and look to a better way to decide what is right and wrong.

Jesus knew that his life measured up to all that scripture said about him being the one to come and straighten out the mess that man’s “going it alone” had caused. That what he was to do was to open up our hearts to all that is good and beautiful once again, but this time to make it freely available to everyone who can recognise that he is good and the world is bad.

By “going it alone” we could never reach those things we truly want and aspire to, but by recognising that we have significantly erred, to put it mildly, and to recognise that he had the authority of the highest possible place of all that is right, that he was in fact, connected with the one we call God, enables us to trust and put confidence in this man, though paradoxically that he died in the process. (but subsequently lived again).

When we are despairing of our situation, or indeed at any time, and he is the very Spirit of life itself, we can ask him for his help and he will definitely hear us and in some way will answer us, if we are sincere. He can show us how he can deal with our problems in a supernatural way. He can give us a new start that we never thought possible, and open up life to us in a clearer and powerful way, that can overcome our negative circumstances, bringing restoration to our lives.

[the previous was from a broad point of view, Jesus was obviously far more than psychic, for example]   [God has in Christ forgiven the world, but does the world want it?]


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