There is so much nonsense out there about the law still continuing. The point of Jesus death was to bring the law system to an end so that people could recognise the love system instead.

All of it is designed to force recognition of the God of love and admission that he is the provider of life.

By removing all penalty for the law of sin and death,  and making real life freely available, he forces man to make a choice to either recognise him or deny him, thus dividing sheep from goat. This means to either cleave to life (Jesus, Spirit) or to remain in death (law).  (law is a system of mind control, Spirit is heart control).

God comes to us via the Spirit, and Spirit and law are adversaries, opposites,  [in us] so there will be as a result of the Spirit, the fruit of the Spirit, which is love joy peace etc. Jesus said that without him we could do nothing. But HE IS the Spirit, without whom there can be no peace, love, joy etc.

“If a law could have been given by which life might come, then the law….but …etc..” [Gal 3-21]

What would be the point of Jesus coming at all, if he was not sent to end the old covenant and establish the new? [BY establishing the new] [the old creation (world) will be “destroyed” by the establishment of the new].

God wants us to recognise who and what he is and so to return to him and be guided through life by his Spirit, not by Moses law. Spirit and love ARE  life. Law is death.

The law is written on the heart as a witness to the fact we were unable to keep it. God sacrificed his son to return us to his loving, forgiving heart, so we also would have loving, forgiving hearts. Not  accusing,  condemning, law  hearts. The law serves a purpose in providing recognition that we are freed from it, not just the past issues only, but ALL issues no matter when or what they be.

Law is obvious by its penalty. All penalties are now removed in Christ, so that life can exist and death be vanquished. The heart is controlled not by law but by love, as only a love so great as to suffer our sins for us is great enough to hold our allegiance, to gain our trust and to deserve our love in return, even though it is all HIS love we are talking about, we simply exist in the love that he is.

“He has abolished the law”. Once all penalty is accounted for in the body of Jesus, the law becomes of no consequence – it has lost its power to condemn over sin – which was the whole idea. This is what sets man free to respond to God’s love, that our sin is UNCONDITIONALLY “absorbed” by his love, so we are then found to be in the “vacuum” which precedes the Spirit’s entrance to our hearts.

Paul called the law “The ministry of death”. Galatians makes it plain that the Spirit and the law are antagonists. [The co-existence of flesh and law produces sin]  Paul says that the law is good if a man uses it “lawfully” but in the full knowledge that law was not made for good men but for bad.

The law which was given 430 years after Abraham does not displace the promise. The promise is based on faith, not law. The reason for Paul’s discussion is to reject law.

So still we have the modern day Pharisees who push their “Torah”,  just as they did in Jesus day, where they were known as the circumcision party. “For the law made nothing perfect, but the bringing in of a better hope did….”

Spirit does not come through law, it is the fruit of the Spirit [love] that “is the fulfilling of the law”. “Now that Christ has come, we are no longer under the law”.

“For the sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law….but thanks be to God who gives us the victory through Christ”. “He has abolished death” “He has abolished the law”.

There is no penalty for life, only for death. [which Jesus removed.]*  [“..but the fruit of the Spirit is…against such there is no law”]   * by cleaving to law, we call him a liar.

By fulfilling the law he abolished it. [by faith the law is fulfilled in us and Spirit infilling results]

Gal. 3-21 Righteousness is not based on law. Gal.2-21 If righteousness is through law, Christ died needlessly.

1 Cor. 10-23 “All things are lawful...but not all things are profitable.  All things are lawful, but not all things edify”.



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