1 Cor 10-23.  “All things are lawful….”

Here is an interesting statement made by Paul. He seems to indicate that, not only are there no laws, [or conversely everything becomes compliant to law] but that anything  we do may be “lawful”.

If we commit murder then, is that “lawful”?   [or “permissible”]

What Paul is saying, is that because the law was abolished, there are no laws, and therefore no laws “against” anything, and so the question of lawful or not lawful is not valid, it serves no purpose, that the question is not, is something lawful? But is it beneficial? Is it helpful? Does it build up and not tear down? Is it operating from Love?

Law may have been “constitutional” under the old covenant, but it serves no purpose under the new covenant.

Love, joy peace (fruit of the Spirit) “against these there is no law”. There is no necessity for law where there is no environment of law breaking by law breakers. Those living by the Spirit are not in the business of “breaking laws”, their renewed nature is contrary to the old nature which required governance by regulation. Those of the “new creation” are not subject to the conditions or environment of the old creation.

Are we to consider then, that it is only believers he is talking to and about?  Well yes, in a way, but it has to be considered that in Christ the whole world was judged and found wanting and in need of his covering through his mercy.  Although sin was judged and condemned in him, to remain in that sin that was so judged and condemned is to deny the release from it that Christ effected and provided. To remain under the law for which Christ died to release us, is to remain within the structure of law-sin-death, thus denying him, and thus remaining in the death of it that he covered. The old creation has to become the new, the old covenant must surrender to the new. [by faith].

Because law has been removed in and by the action of the Spirit, all things now become “lawful” because they are not prohibited by law – everything the believer does is governed by the life affirming life he lives, which he can only do in the freedom of the Spirit, so law is irrelevant. “He has abolished the law”.  What does this say? That there is NO MORE LAW.  People who remain under “law” remain in the death that law pronounces on them. They remain in the old creation, the old covenant, the one of law sin death. Life comes by the promise through the Spirit. Not through law.

People who “show themselves to be law breakers” are showing that they are people “of the law environment” which being defective and  never able to make anything perfect or able to bring it to fruition, to fulfillment, was replaced by the Spirit, through his amazing grace.

[Paul says all things are lawful because they are no longer unlawful]



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