So someone says to you, “God loves you”. What effect is that going to have?  You say “so what, he is a long way away and I don’t feel his love, so what’s the point?”

What if it were true that God loved you. You might say well, I’m still going to die, just being told God loves me does nothing for me or the thousands of other people it has been said to.

There needs to be some basis for believing it. There is not enough information in just being told it is so. That’s why he sent Jesus, to tell us and show us.

The fact is, that just the fact of God loving you will not save you from death, but the fact of you really believing it, will save you from death. Because you already are in death, and you are in that death because you have lived without believing that God loved you. That is why you presently feel unloved. So you feel the absence of love well enough, and you don’t feel the presence of love. But if you really believed that the love was there, it would take away the feeling of not being loved.

So you see, it depends on what you believe to be true. The problem is, that if we believe there is something wrong with us, we won’t believe that just being loved is enough to remedy the situation. But we need to recognise that the thing that is wrong with us is simply that we won’t let go of our unbelief in regard to this.

We are saved by faith because that means we are saved by believing something, not because we are feeling something. Fair enough that we can say that when we are saved that we would expect to feel something good as a result. But faith works because by believing, by having faith, you actually make true in yourself that which you believe. Now God is asking us to believe he loves us even though he doesn’t come down and put his arms around us. But Jesus came down and wrapped us in words of truth and comfort.

The thing we don’t understand is that when it is said that God loves us, that there is not some proviso attached that says we can’t benefit from that love because we are unsuitable to be loved for some reason, God loves us without any strings or provisos attached, because he just LOVES.  What needs to happen is that we need to let go of the feeling and belief of being unloved. Because not to do so is to make God a liar.

We see barriers between him and us because we have behaved badly. Because we are not lovers like him. We think that those barriers prevent us from being acceptable to Him, and that they prevent his love from reaching us. But, you see, there were never any barriers between him and us other than the ones we erect/erected from believing we are guilty and unworthy. His love doesn’t see any barriers, we just put those excuses there to excuse us from accepting and returning his love. The barriers went up on our side as a natural consequence of believing we were guilty.  Well, we were once, past tense. But God is in the business of relieving us from our guilt, and he has done this by communicating this fact to us, and he communicated it through Jesus.

Not only is he a forgiver who forgives, he has already done this in a way we can see, with Jesus. He has displayed the fact that he is a forgiver who goes on forgiving and never stops forgiving, which is only another way of saying that he goes on loving. So this love is what heals you from your unlove, but you have to lower the barriers of unbelief so that you can accept his love, the love that is real, the love that actually exists, and you need to believe.

There never were any barriers put up from God’s side to stop us accepting that God loves us, nor barriers to returning his love. They exist only in our mind and in our heart because we don’t understand they are only there because we feel guilty. But to feel guilty is to offer a testimony that God has done nothing to change this situation, when he sent his only son to die the death we feel so we could unfeel it.

There never were any barriers to God’s love, he has always loved us, we have accounted ourselves unlovable and our judgement that we are right in feeling those feelings has stopped us from recognising God’s love. Our sense of justice condemned ourselves because being made in his likeness we have the moral capability to make that call. Problem is, as soon as you make it, your self condemnation isolates you from God. You have erected the barrier where there really isn’t one that can be justified in remaining, because he simply loves you regardless. Unbelief keeps you from indulging yourself in the fact that he loves you. He sends us life and asks us to let go of our deathly ideas that are false and are maintaining our self erected separation from him.

WE maintain the separation because we refuse to acknowledge the truth, that he is love and nothing BUT love. We prefer to hide behind our unbelief  rather than admit he has really removed all our self erected nonsense, he has torn away the hiding places with the cross of his Son, and exposed all reasons and excuses to the brightness of his love.

HE JUST LOVES US. THERE ARE NO BARRIERS BETWEEN HIM AND US.  Unless we erect them.  And if we continue to maintain them we will also die with them and without his love having been allowed to enter into our lives and dispel all that non-love, all that hurt, that disappointment, that futility of living a life that is not life, but just delaying the inevitable Godless death. He has provided life,  we need to turn away from the death Jesus took, and take hold of the life [love][Spirit]  Jesus provided.

[As far as East is from West, so far are your sins removed from you].




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