Where does this “voice” come from?  We get the impression that God is the voice, an echo from Adam in the garden. Yet initially God simply warned Adam not to touch the tree. Then we get a “curse”pronounced – “because you have done this thing…”

Then we are told that this now inner voice is satan or the “devil”. The “False accuser” or “accuser of our brethren”. Yet this voice is really that which arises within us because of the understanding, the knowledge, that was acquired from the “fruit of the tree”.

What is the connection between the accusing voice and the tempting voice that led to the eating of this fruit? Easy to see how creatures who have sufficient intelligence, but insufficient experience, are able to question their environment, and especially under the stimulus  of a statement (law) that represents itself as truth.  Adam should have known better though, he had walked with God.

Having their eyes opened by this “knowledge”, which really was only that gained through their disobedience – IE it was the act of disobedience and what consequently followed, that was the “knowledge” spoken of.  The “knowledge” was essentially the knowledge of the result of their actions and this knowledge presented them with the condemnation due them because of that action.

The tempting voice then was their own curiousity, and the condemning voice was their self realisation of having departed from God’s guidance. This inner condemnation presented to them an insurmountable barrier. How do you undo what has been done, when your actions have already proved you are incapable of correctly discerning what is right. How do you reverse the inner failure of your “systems” that have now placed you in a position which is now different to that which was the case when you walked with God?

How could you ever regain the confidence that God saw you as his beloved son, when you had moved away from that position, from him. Your inner structure had now changed, your thinking patterns structured differently, and were keyed into this principle of self determination and isolation from God. You see God as no longer smiling, but angry. Irreversible.

Mans lost innocence through departing from the land of innocence, had seen him “dumped” in the land of self condemnation, his thinking patterns becoming increasingly fractured as he entertained more and more of this autonomous existence and its experiences. And the more he experienced this land where he was isolated from God by his own thinking, the more dissociated some of his thinking patterns became from each other.  And these differing parts of his thinking were not at peace with each other.  And the more they grew in individual strength, the more he had to disassociate some of his thinking from other parts of his thinking, as the guilt grew:  And the more this happened, the more the consciousness of  this guilt needed to be hidden, it was so burdensome.

Most sin lies buried deep inside, known only to our subconscious. It can only be dealt with by reconciliation and resolution of what the problem was in the first place. Yet we cannot do that of ourselves, we are deeply entrenched in patterns of distancing God from ourselves, and we are self condemned and totally unable to repair the damage done, and to change who we are. We are hurting people, conscious that love does not hold us in its arms, yet desperate to regain that  peace and stability of being wanted and needed.

Because God was “once” our Father, and we were “made in his image”, we now are quite capable of recognising that we are unjust (and we practise this recognition a lot on others). We hide even from our own voice of condemnation, it is too painful to live with, so we tend to do what the bible calls “sear” our conscience, to make it dull, to avoid the reality. Then the law comes along to strengthen this voice of accusation, and the conscience  struggles and squirms to find a way out of this confrontation with the truth.

Ultimately it is the cross that provides the real ultimate conscience confrontation, with the result that we either capitulate to ultimate truth or we retreat even further into our shell of isolation. We could not find his love again, until he made the ‘master move’ and eliminated all reason to continue to hide, that he removed all of the basis for the accusation, by his loving forgiveness being made plain in his Son. Sin removed, blame taken, accusations silenced. Forever.  the son can at last be [in] the Son.


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