How vast the difference between “just living”, and the kind of living where you are “on the edge” and involved in emotions that want to carry you all over the place. The natural world seems to exhibit these emotions, as you look at writers and you look at Christian experience?

Emotions need to be framed against the solidarity of Christ. The life to be lived appears to be undeniably an emotional one, yet this is what calls as being the reality of exposing oneself to the truth of love. Travesty of the love condition abounds inescapably –  how the task appears is as a difficult journey of exposure to enemy scorn, the “shame” of the cross.

And meeting this love travesty that the world represents would appear to call for courage – the kind perhaps not close to hand or familiar; rather the familiarity may more exist with retreat and coverup, yet the brave new world, the brave new heart, needs to step into the light and be identified by the enemy by your lamp displayed for all to see.

Unknown territory – yet known to him and recorded on pages white and ink of black – written on the heart yet needing concentration and focus, that they become the very power of the cross, the power of Christ, and the power of redeemed man.

Introvert or extrovert?  We need to seek him in all directions, we need to call to the four winds for him and for his Spirit to flood our souls hearts and minds. We need to look inward and outward, to leave no stone unturned in our efforts to expose ourselves to him, to his Spirit. We need to pray upwardly with upturned heads and heaven seeking eyes, but also as prostrate before him, until our efforts exhaust themselves and we level out in acceptance of his will.


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