Maybe a strange title, but relates to what has happened to our hearts because of hurts and emotional pain and emotional deficiencies through childhood upbringing and later experiences.

We tend to disconnect our hearts to guard against pain. The normal heart-mind relationship is altered, as the mind takes control over what would otherwise be “normal” responses in life. The “bio-feedback” is disconnected in the heart/mind relationship.  Adam suffered this disconnection.

The mind is left dominant and defensive of its emotional centre and treats the world with suspicion. What was once a co-operative  and integrated relationship of emotions and reasoning, now becomes lopsided, unbalanced, and tends to be either recessive or dominant as the protective defenses arise within, in response to being hurt and also in response to hurting others, creating guilt.

Isolating the pain also isolates and removes love. Isolating love isolates pain. We say ‘why have you forsaken me?’  and we place notions of love on the back burner.

Christ on the cross was isolated from God, in Christ’s mind. The normal relationship feedback was broken. His suffering heart was crying out to the “guardian” of his being, but he could hear no response, because he was in the darkness of our broken relationship.

The “bio-feedback” of normality wasn’t working, he had to deal with the pain and suffering himself, and only he had the resources to do so, unlike us who are in a lost and hopeless situation.

When we see the empathy, when we see him with what amounts to OUR pain, that he is identifying with us, then we can identify with him in HIS pain, and accept the reality and truth of our situation.

We are then addressed in this way, “Today, when you hear his voice, DO NOT HARDEN YOUR HEART…”  This could be a commandment, it is that important.

WE need to reconnect, to reconcile, heart and mind. To restore the proper balance where the heart is the ruler [the love of Christ controls me] and the mind is more just the guardian. This is only achieved as the Spirit involves himself with us, and heart and mind can operate as one just as Jesus and his Father operated as one.

All the issues of guilt, of not belonging, of failure and disappointment and disconnection, rejection and abandonment have now been satisfied in Christ’s own body, so as to restore our “broken” heart as we accept the truth of our failure and the truth of his success on our behalf. That his action was that of FORGIVENESS and reconciliation towards us. That we are LOVED and all perceived barriers  to that love have been dealt with.

So let the pain find its proper place in you, within the environment of truth love and forgiveness. Let it be released into his loving heart so your heart can join with his. And then rejoice that all has been resolved. Pride and vanity are your enemies that will seek to dissuade you from this.

[by cutting off our response to pain, we cut off our heart] [it’s all about the pain, because it’s all about the heart] [Jesus took the pain].




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