There are various ways by which some churches express their exclusivity. Some are obvious, but some are more subtle. like placing conditions on membership, or on your suitability to take the “emblems” (bread and wine) (“sacraments”).

It’s apparently not enough to be a member of Christ, you have to sign up to certain conditions which include financial obligations in the form of a contract.

Then to take the bread and wine you have to “love Jesus”. Too bad if you’re having a bad day and are feeling low and unworthy, or have just come into the church on an impulse of repentance, you might feel inclined then to give the whole thing a miss. [some people may be struggling with the sense of their own authenticity in Christ, and “conditions” such as whether or not they “love the Lord”, become interpreted as an excluding factor.]

And even the sermon can present exclusivity in the form of preaching holiness in such an Old Testament  way as to increase the gap between you and God, instead of drawing you nearer.* “We all now with unveiled faces behold the glory of the Lord…” springs to mind, not hiding and distancing ourselves from the glory of God’s face. 2 Cor 3-18

[*This seems to be an example of going backwards theologically, assigning higher authority to an old covenant reference than to a new covenant reference.]



2 thoughts on “CHRISTIAN EXCLUSIVITY [180b]

  1. this article may be sarcastically intended but may shed a lot of confusion. Strangely enough in certain articles you claim that all people are saved and have to do nothing any more, but at the other hand you also try to lure them in your denomination are giving the impression they have to belong to a Christian denomination to be able to enter the Kingdom of God …. even that this right to enter the Kingdom would only belong to Christians …. forgetting that it is firstly given to the chosen People of God, the Jews, which you seem to overlook or to forget.


    • OK Immanuel, you are a Jew and I am a Christian. I get it. 🙂 [my answer here is not in isolation but is a response to several comments made by Immanuel over several posts][I do recognise that when I wrote this post I may have been having a bad day, but his comment is not directly referencing this post but has wider religious connotations]


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