I want to make this quite clear. God just loves you, no conditions, no buts or if’s, no maybe’s no whatever else you can think of. He loves you.

The difference between him and us is that he is love and we are not. So on the question of sin, it’s a matter of whether or not we will let him take our sins away. This of course might cause some upheaval.  To be responsive to his love means we have to have some idea of what his love is, and how definitively he has set up the means by which we can both recognise and access his love. And we also might ask, “Is it worth it”.

It depends on how we see him as to whether or not we will want him, and how our perceived absence of him is currently affecting our lives. If life appears to be good, we might not see the point, if we don’t see that he is infinitely better. If life is bad, we might be more inclined to listen to something which will solve all our problems.

So a lot has to do with our knowledge of ourselves, of life,  of God, and whether we see a void in our lives, or problems that don’t seem to go away, or that are getting worse.

Man’s condition is such that, having some moral virtues, he is conscious of feelings of unease due to poor decisions and choices in life. We hurt people, other people hurt us, there may be guilt and shame.

All of these things in our life fill up our mind with stuff that clouds our ability to see clearly. If someone says that “God loves you”, there is an immediate lack of clarity as to what that might mean, if we have no prior experience of it, as the experiences we have all had are mostly far removed from ideas about God. But we seem to believe we have reference points by which to judge just “who” God is and how to approach him.

The thing is, that it is all the negative things of life that indicate to us what/who God is. We only have to know the negative in order to know God who is positive. By simple reversal of the bad, we discover God the good. Life brings some tough times to many people. All these are indicators that there is the need for relief from these sometimes difficult, sad, and painful circumstances. The bible says that man was subjected to futility in the hope he might search out the good, or similar words.

If God simply loves, “all” you have to do is love him back. What does that mean, you ask. It means that all of life’s experiences that have given you grief to the point where you see life as a whole as needing a solution, are the very things on which you can  “turn your back” to, and face the opposite, which is contained in God’s love. You will find the positivity of God by letting go of the negativity of your “life” which is really your spiritual “death”.

The gospel has been preached far and wide, to a point where there is such familiarity with it that it has become commonplace and ignored as irrelevant. But it contains the basic information that God is real and available and has taken your suffering upon himself in order to relieve you of it. Because that’s what love does, that’s what love is. So God is simply saying that having demonstrated his love through his Son’s suffering in the cause of love, by taking away your obligation to die, he wants you to take his love by recognising he has dealt with your sin and guilt forever and you can now let go of it because he is saying it no longer exists and is irrelevant.

The whole problem is that it may not be irrelevant in you, it may still exist in you, and you may have trouble trusting that this is true, that it really is all over, dealt with and done with. Hey, this is the God of the universe, the highest moral authority of all, the God to beat all so called gods. You are never going to get a better offer. Of course it may look a little strange to others that you now have a smile on your face, that you may even appear to be happy, that you have lost a few of those stress lines.

As far as East is from West, so far has he removed our sin from us. He has done this thing, it is PRE giveness (for giveness) and is a gift to you to decide what to do with. Free love. All yours. You only have to let go of the old which he has dealt with and embrace the new which he has provided. It is already yours, don’t deny him and yourself in the process!

Don’t be found in the “old you”,  because he had to deal with that and he has given you the “new you” for you to live in, because the old things will simply not be good enough in the end.



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