So we have pinned down a problem, it is the desire of your heart. If your heart desires wrong things, there is something wrong with your heart. There are many reasons and causes for the desire of your heart to be wrong, but, wrong it is! (Unless it isn’t).

The fact of your heart desiring wrong things is what holds you in death. Release from death lies in the the fixing up of this wrong desire problem.

If, even while in spiritual death (we are all in the death of this physical body), the desire of your heart is that you be free from wrong desires, to be free from death, and to be free from the shackles of enforced servitude to sin, then you are ready to gain freedom.

Servitude, or captivity to sin, is something you no longer have to endure. Your heart can be liberated into an amazing freedom of life and love that will blow your mind!

The reason your heart has been in captivity is because it has really had little other option, the world is such a condemning place, apart from the nice things that it contains. If you have not experienced  love in your life, then you will be undernourished in that regard, and be weak in appreciation of the truly good things of life. And if you have appreciated them, you might then the more feel the impact of their loss.

All of us have experienced the loss of the sense of God in our lives, because we have had some knowledge of him through various ways, even if we do not fully understand it. The loss of God, of real love, in us is the root cause of our hearts being distressed to the point of distorting all that has been and is around us, as we compensate and set up alternative ways of covering for our hurt, and avoiding the pain.

But now the desire of our heart can be satisfied. The love we need to restore us to a balanced and fruitful existence is available, and is as near as our desire to have that satisfaction. The heart that is full of trouble, full of woe, full of sadness and regret, can now be healed, no longer has to be that heart that because of the disappointment  and disillusion and futility, has made wrong choices and experienced wrong desires.

The heart that caused us to lash out from our pain and lack of love, can now find peace and belonging inside the heart of God who has suffered with us and for us, who understands absolutely everything about us and has already made the way for us to have our whole lives changed into something wonderful.

All those things that imprison you in chaos, mediocrity and downright pain, have been dealt with by God in such a total way, as for them to no longer have any authority over you at all. You have been liberated, released, set free from all the stuff that seems to condemn you and hold you in a soulless, purposeless existence.

Because God is love itself,  Himself, he has acted to bring to your attention the nature of his being, his love, and that he caused something in history to happen such that it changed man’s status insofar as life and death is concerned, FOREVER. His love is now freely available (and always was) and can be found in his assurance that he has removed those negative things from your eternal account, having caused those things to be overcome in the body of Jesus, where they outworked the pain and suffering that they caused to you and those around you, and sometimes, through you.

The body of Jesus, with the characteristics of the humanity of the human race, was altered by the action of His love working on the physicality and mentality and physiology of his body, to such an extent that he suffered within himself all of the torment agony and anguish which we ascribe to our popular notion of “hell”, and which torment arose through his righteousness being embroiled in conflict with the unrighteousness contained in our person.

He was effectively cleansed, just as our heart is cleansed when we embrace his sacrifice in this regard, which was for us and on our behalf.



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