Forgiveness means you have owned up to your failings. It means you are submitting yourself to another who is doing the forgiving. It means you have recognised that your ego needs to take a back seat.

Admitting to the need of forgiveness and submitting yourself to that condition puts you in the position of a child who recognises the care of a parent. If it is God who is doing the forgiving, then you are placing yourself as his child, needing of his care.

This forgiveness on his part is not over a small issue, it is the forgiveness of your failings and of your acts against him, acts against life, and acts of refusal to recognise his sovereignty. Refusal to recognise him as the one in control of all things, albeit that wrongdoing is presently having a good time on earth.

This is the forgiveness of your humanity, of your prior life, and forgiveness of your deathly condition, and so forgiveness of your death itself. This forgiveness is meant to engender such gratitude towards the forgiver, so as to return you to his dominion, that is, of the kingdom of God. [Love]

Recognition and appreciation of what has been done in order to forgive you, should enable you to see the love with which this was done, and should capture your mind and heart such as to cause you to look to him in pursuance of his purposes rather than your own. Forgiveness of all sin and causes of death, should empower you to overcome those very things that enslaved you to what was less than Him, less than love itself.

Since all these things have been accounted for by him, at his own cost in the suffering of his son, they no longer can impact on our effectiveness in the pursuance of what is right, because what is negative is already dealt with in the furnace of his love, while what is positive is considered as stored up as righteousness on our account. This is if we are reconciled and thereby transferred into his kingdom, and not if we remain separated from him by our own unwillingness to trust his love, to disbelieve in his benevolent nature.

We are forgiven because that is what love does, it gives love to be received, that it might plant the seed of love to be grown so as to return love, and in turn give it to others.

[He himself is our forgiveness][your forgiveness is personal, because your sin impacted on his love][the owner sent his son to the vineyard][the act of forgiveness was the act of love]


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