Is Hell a Literal, Physical Place? [210]


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Is There a Literal Hell?

Translating literature between languages has always been a difficult task. Common phrases that have a clear and definite meaning in one culture, can become totally meaningless in another. Hence, if a translator gives the precise literal translation, the meaning may be lost. Yet, if things are translated too loosely, one runs the risk that the meaning is merely the translator’s opinion, and not what was meant by the author of the original material.

As with Every fully legitimate spiritual pursuit, one must approach new revelations and insights with a cautious reverence for reliable foundations in TRUTH. A balance must be maintained between what is deemed to be absolutely reliable by substantiated facts actually declared in scripture with that which one believes through unsubstantiated doctrines vaugely taught to them.  Sincere seekers of truth must be truly objective, willing to forsake prior attitudes and convictions — if…

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