There were many sheep in the field, which had only some below average grass growing in it.  Across the field, as far as the eye could see, was a barbed wire fence, which was called sin.

In their search for better grass, they invariably rubbed up against the fence, with the result they were scratched and bleeding from their injuries, which left ugly scars.

One day a new lamb was born in the field which was different to the rest. Though it looked the same, its behaviour was different. From its youth, it would spend time in a certain place near the fence listening to a voice which spoke of love, and which came from the other side of the fence.

The other sheep could not hear this voice, but they observed how this new sheep kept his distance from the fence, and was not scarred or injured by it. They wondered how he obtained enough food, not seeing how at that special place near the fence, he was being hand fed from the other side on the best of grass.

The injuries from the fence had scarred their eyes, and also their ears, so they were oblivious to the voice and the feeding of the grass to the new sheep. This sheep was a nuisance to them, because it was gentle and quiet, and this made them look bad, although at various times some of the sheep found great comfort from this.

One day, the voice of love intensified, and telling the new sheep that the time had come, it drew it nearer and nearer the fence, and then drew it right into the fence where it was caught and impaled on the cruel barbs. As the pain and the struggle between the sheep and the fence intensified, the sheep realised it could no longer hear the voice of love from across the other side. It had to draw heavily on its own resources to fight against the cruelty of the fence.

Just as its strength was failing and the sheep was dying, it burst through the fence and lay on the other side, its life energy bleeding out onto the ground. The voice of love was heard again, gently in the distance. In the background could be heard an increasing clamour of voices as if some great feat had been accomplished, with murmurs of “victory” to be heard..

After a time,  even though the sheep was dead on the ground for days, its body did not decay. The voice of love appeared in strength, and the sheep rose from the ground in a new and vibrant form. “I will send you back into the fence at the spot from which you came, where you overcame it by your love, and you will become a gate in that fence, through  which the other sheep will be able to hear me, and those who respond to your voice will be able to come over to this side, through you, and obtain the sweet grass by which they may live. You will become the good shepherd whose voice they know.”

And it was so. The fence was wide and the gate was narrow, but those sheep who heard the voice of love and responded to him, went in and out and grew strong on the good grass. Eventually, all the sheep lived and died in this field, even the ones who had, by means of the good grass, grown strong in their life force. They all died from infections arising from their previous injuries from the fence. The ones who belonged to the shepherd of the gate though, took their life force with them in their bones and into the dust, where they waited.

Then one day, the voice of love grew louder, and the voice of the sheep who had become the shepherd spoke with a strong clear voice, and the sheep who were his own responded, both those alive and those who had died, and all of them left the field through the gate and they entered into the place of good grass where they were changed into the appearance of the shepherd lamb. A much louder voice spoke again, as a command, and all the sheep whether living or dead that were left in the field, were drawn towards the loud voice and were drawn into the barbed wire fence, where they struggled against the pain of their own section of the sin fence.

As all things were drawn back into the voice of love, those who were impaled on the fence and had no resources by which to free themselves, all died after the barbs of their own making had drained them of life. As they died, they could see that the sheep who had listened to the voice of love were now changed and appeared as glorious creatures, with a golden lamb who was the shepherd in their midst.

And a voice said, “Behold, all things have become new”.


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