Romans 1-16. For I am not ashamed of the GOSPEL, for it is THE POWER OF GOD for SALVATION to everyone who BELIEVES.

We may like to think of God’s power in terms of Pentecostal type happenings, healings and such like.

But the big news is how simply believing the TRUTH can change people’s lives. This is because nearly everybody you know is caught up in believing the lie.

What the gospel does is to strike at the heart of man with a truth so penetrating that it causes him to recognise what is truly wrong with him, that he has been a victim of “the lie” since birth.

The good news is that Jesus has dealt with that lie in a final and conclusive way so we can be rid of it and its power over us. We can finally be “us” again, so we can now lead a life that serves “the truth” instead of “the lie”.

Rom 1-18 “, who SUPPRESS THE TRUTH in [by] [their] unrighteousness.

[“You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free”][from yourself?]


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