Exploratory theology – The free gift of righteousness – [imparted, imputed?*]

We can do nothing of ourselves. Human beings are so complex in their makeup that they cannot detect the self deception within themselves. The answer has to come from without.

Inner deception extends even, or especially, into Christian theology, which has become a minefield of error and complexity. Even with all the simple statements that appear to convey liberty, there always lies complex and often deceptive argument that then denies simplistic liberation.

To whatever degree one may or may not gain understanding, it still remains for the Spirit to provide illumination on ultimate freedom. It gets to the point where logical pursuit often disappoints, or calls for further complexity.

So when the Spirit sheds light on a particular verse, it pays to “stop and smell the roses”. One such verse is Romans 5 – 17. “…the free gift of righteousness…”.

Righteousness is a free gift from God, “appropriated” as you believe in this truth, this gospel, this Christ. This reconciliation. It is free. It is had by believing in what God has done. God, by his love,  has removed your unrighteousness through Christ on the cross. As you believe this, the Spirit brings his righteousness to you.

A gospel story says “As they went, they were healed”. And as we believe, WE are healed.

[ * imparted, imputed, in a future post]


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