There are many varying doctrinal positions on many different subjects. The correct views, as you hopefully may see them, are nevertheless secondary to the real issue, which is that the God who is, has both created us and then saved us from ourselves, at his own expense.

Man was brought into this world in the full knowledge that he would go his own way, deviating from righteousness into unrighteousness. And this was necessary so he could then be in a position to choose what is good over what is bad. That choice was not available to him until God removed the inevitable result of “going it alone”, thus providing the freedom to make that choice, and those choices. Man was in slavery to the world he sinfully corrupted.

God himself removed our debt to sin, our debt to death, by his own love. [Jesus]. He annulled our covenant with death. He bought us back from our hopeless position, in such a way that we were forced to see him as Father, and that his love is inescapable, inevitable in its consummation of sin, both for those who recognise and accept his reconciliation of us through Christ, as well as those who willingly retain their sin and are consumed along with it.

God has freely given us of his own righteousness which is inherent in his love, and it is up to us to “keep the lamps filled with oil”, so we are not caught unawares by his return or our demise. We are called to the heavenly position, to partake of the divine nature, to be a peculiar people, eager to do what is right, to deny ourselves and this world, and to champion the next, by displaying its qualities even in our earthly bodies.

Be filled with the Spirit, singing spiritual songs and making melody in your heart to the Lord.  Rejoice.


2 thoughts on “FINAL WORD THIS SERIES [219]

  1. Final Word is a good summary of the central reason God gave His Word, 1st written on tablets of stone to a people redeemed by Him from captivity to a pagan society – a literal deliverance from a physical bondage – to serve as a shadow of the spiritual realities that were absolutely fulfilled in Christ, when the Word became flesh & dwelt among man in physical form. Those who whole-heartedly accept this free gift of redemption have been like-wise fully redeemed from bondage to every spiritual condemnation, either by the devil or the traditions of man, that may attempt to burden them. You shall know the TRUTH & the TRUTH shall set you free! [Jo. 8:32]


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