God reveals his love by releasing his wrath on Jesus. This is an outstanding contradiction if taken at face value. Yet it reveals one of the greatest truths that we can apprehend.

Firstly, it appears to be not that God was releasing the wrath, but that “the wrath” was present in Jesus’ body, regardless, because the symbolism is that “God withdrew himself”, as shown by the darkness that overtook the scene. [God cannot look upon sin].

So  the “God” who was causing the “wrath” was the God in Jesus, was his Spirit who had never sinned, He who was the SON of God. The SUBJECT of the wrath was his flesh, or that which was of the Adamic, and therefore our, nature.

The nature of the “wrath” itself, was the conflict between the two opposing natures. Putting this in explanatory terms, God was dealing with that which was ungodly.

Because those two natures existed in the one entity, the wrath, the suffering, was common to both. In like manner, the pain of sin and its effects are felt by both the righteous and the unrighteous. The God who created this world, was to suffer the fate of his “Adamic” children, yet in a sense, God is “Post Adamic”, as Christians are also. Therefore both the “First Adamic” children suffer along with the “Second Adamic” children, but for opposite reasons, though from the same cause.

Where there is resistance or opposition to God, there will be HEAT, otherwise known as WRATH. [hell]. In the world of electricity, this principle is put to good use in such appliances as heaters, toasters, irons, etc. The analogy is that God being the FORCE for good, is applied to the “object” in a controlled way, some of that control being the degree of opposition or RESISTANCE to the flow of God’s SPIRIT.

Where controlled, the heat generated may be used to burn away that opposition [sin] as we may see happening in Christians as they submit to the leading of the Spirit. (There could initially be  large lumps of sin burnt away).[theologically there is a shift from death to life].  Where the force is not moderated in some way, it could result in overheating and destruction of the “object”. If  people are the object of this clash between God and sin, righteousness and unrighteousness, and there is no “moderation” of the event, total destruction [“by burning”] may result.

“Our God is a consuming fire”. This explains “hell on earth” and the suffering that various forms of sin causes.

The absence of LOVE causes a gap or stressor between love and non-love. Where there is sin, or non-love, the LOVE attempts to reveal itself, and this causes stress. This stress is what we call wrath.

Christians are those in possession of the free GIFT of righteousness. They will suffer, as Jesus did, from the stresses of being in the righteous position, as they are subjected to the unrighteousness attempts of their inner self, [overcome by faith] and of the world.

“SINNERS”, are those in the opposite position, who are unrighteous, and are subjected to the opposition of the SPIRIT. [albeit via law]

“My Spirit will not always strive with man….”

There are various ways to look at heat and fire, we talk about our hearts being “warmed”, and it says “did not our hearts burn within us”.

When the SPIRIT comes upon the world, HE will consume all that is not of Himself. [even as He has already come and is destroying sin for those willing]. That which is of Himself, will join with Him. That which is not of Himself, will be “utterly consumed”.


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