Exploratory theology.

Because there is delineation of mind and heart, and it is the heart into which God’s love is poured by the Spirit; the mind is then left in some kind of middle ground, having been deposed from its authoritative reign over the person. The mind has to then join the party on the Spirit’s terms.

Because of man’s natural state, the mind had the authority over the course of one’s life, because of the need to retain a defensive position against attacks on the vulnerable softness of heart, and to enable hardening to be effective in repelling those attacks.

It is breaking through this defense that is the task of the gospel. We see Paul in Romans 7 where his mind gets stuck in the half-way position of transition from sinner to saint because of the authority of the law over him.

It is only when one recognises the authority of the gospel, that it is love and mercy driven, that the heart can break through and itself deny its own defenses, and that of the mind’s, which becomes overpowered by the thrust of the Spirit, whose sword also cuts deeply into the heart.

When the mind attempts to maintain control without the heart being involved, we get the situation where acts 19-13 the Jewish exorcists said “In the name of Jesus whom Paul preaches”. This was a complete failure, they were severely beaten up by the one they attempted to cure . There was also where Simon the sorcerer attempted to buy the ability to pass (transfer) on the Spirit. Possibly he had commercial interests in mind, maybe he wanted to sell the Spirit to others. Here again is lack of authority because of the lack of a personal understanding and relationship with Jesus, the Spirit, and the threat of dire consequences for this.

In teaching/preaching the gospel, there is the possible danger of relaying, not the Spirit of the gospel, and consequently not the Spirit, but just that which the mind then seeks to deal with and interpret, to make sense of, and which attempt will be futile and fail, with the result that the state of that person may worsen. All contact between the one who seeks to transfer the gospel, and the one to whom the gospel is attempted to be “transferred”, should have the authority of Jesus behind it. IE, it must be done in the full status of the authority of the gospel as it was intended. [Herein lies the inherent danger of fully explaining the cross].

The carnal mind cannot apprehend the things of the Spirit. Even the gospel, if not presented in the authority and power of the Spirit which is seeking to depose that carnality, will be received as just another law. The Spirit of love has to penetrate the defenses, whereas law, or any perceived “law*” just builds them up.

It appears then as though “the gospel” should be treated with greater respect than its  apparent “simplicity” is perceived to deserve.

*[other than “the law of love” or “the law of the Spirit of life”]

[there is some small degree of conflict here with respect to preparing the mind for the Spirit?]

[authority requires relationship]



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