CHRISTIANITY.  May be referred to as the “inside-out” religion, because, unlike many others who put you at the bottom of a mountain and require you to climb it in ever increasing knowledge or experience of “spirituality”, in the hope of ultimately achieving the “goal” (most never do): Christianity GIVES YOU the prize, puts you on the mountain top with full spiritual credibility, and all authority by which to retain and maintain your position.

CREATIONAL PURPOSE. To increase and include additional “family” to God who bear his characteristics, IE they are his children, to increase his nature of love.

CREATIONAL “MODIFICATION” The plan was what it was, and although there were no “accidents” (such as some supposed tragic Adam and Eve event)(IE it was not an “unfortunate fall”), it was necessary to remove weeds from his garden: The flood and other interventional “wipeouts” were necessary to remove some of the more vigorous growths of evil (Sodom etc) which otherwise would have brought the earth to an early end through the spread of evil, both through contact contamination as well as genetic contamination.

THE NAME. There is one name given under heaven by which man must be saved. JESUS. [Emmanuel, God with us]. This name is the authority of God by which he is to be known, to reveal his nature and qualities. Only this name reveals his loving sacrificial mercy which is necessary to enable creative transformation into himself. No other name can do this.

ATONEMENT. The means by which His creation is brought to fulfillment. Although blood is the basic given element for the intended apprehension of this, it really refers to the sacrificial nature that love is; it is the means by which we recognise his love for us in dealing with, at such cost, our failure; our involvement in the darkness of this natural world. But by reference to blood, the finality and absoluteness of what has been done for us can be readily apprehended. [and the cost of it] He endured separation from the Father [hell] so we could be reunited with Him

IN JESUS. His was the first resurrection. We are to take part in his resurrection, to take part in Him. He is to be in us. We are to be in him. We are to “abide in the vine”, so that we might “bear fruit”.  The “fruit of the Spirit”, which comes from the Spirit, whom He is. He overcame basic human nature, flesh and blood creation, his own body “of death”, in order to be immortalised as the first fruits of creation, from which position he could send forth the “promised Holy Spirit” [of life] so He could take up residence in us. We have been transferred from death to life by His Spirit, and we are fed and maintained from Him, the “Vine”. He and the Father “come to live in us”. Without Him we can do nothing. We are “seated with Him in the heavenlies”. [Kings and priests].

REDEMPTION. Because of the cross we are justified, which means legally exonerated, as in a court acquittal. We have been justified from death to life. This is the free gift given by God, meant to be received by means of the Spirit, which brings the reality of it [Him] to us. We know Him through the forgiveness of our sins. Although all people have this free gift [of righteousness] available to them, not all will believe it and so will not receive it. In this way they condemn themselves.

CORRUPTION. There is the corruption in the world through sin, and the corruption of the gospel by the introduction of other belief systems, as well as the corruption of the gospel itself by those  worldly influences that cause variations in the form of legalisms which seek to retain Judaistic beliefs and variations thereof, and other systems which should be fairly obviously in error.

DEVILS AND DEMONS. This is one which is almost impossible to convey the correct meaning of, to us who were brought up in belief systems which embodied them. Other than to say that many of the occurrences in the bible, today would be recognised as mental illness, and the mistranslation of certain words doesn’t help. Yes there are spiritual influences which seem to be inherent in the nature of the present creation, which includes man, and which show themselves as psychic abilities, some of which the bible refers to as “familiar spirits” or/and referred to in fortune telling, ghosts and suchlike. But the presence of an evil monster type of identity [other than man himself] may only exist in the sense of man’s collective warping of his own spiritual nature, and hence the effect it may have on collective consciousness, and the warping of God’s own environment.

PERSECUTION. Such is the nature of things that through much tribulation we must enter the kingdom of God. There is an overcoming to be had, which can only occur through faith in Jesus, in his overcoming on our behalf, in the love of God for us, and by trusting Him. The nature of what is good and right will always be opposed because righteousness calls for unity by denial of self, to the cause of God’s love. People want to retain their own sense of self, they want to pursue for themselves the things they perceive will benefit themselves. Because other belief systems are derived from self interest rather than God’s interests, they will pursue to the death (your death) those self interests, even though they be dressed up as “the will of God”. Self doubt, guilt and temptation, may also be present. [man has to change from autonomous to dependency].

WORLD EVENTS. May come as trial and tribulation, especially as the end approaches. Disease and war, and the rise of corrupt nations and world religion may yet bring some terrible happenings, or they may yet be cut short, because no man knows the day or the hour. Jesus will return without warning, it will come as a trap upon the whole world. He will return from the heavens in fire with his “angels”. All physical matter will be subjected to His transforming force.

THE END, THE BEGINNING. When Jesus returns, all physical nature will be subjected to the transforming force of the Spirit which will subject all created things to his own nature. That which is found to be of the same nature (love) as God, [that which is in Christ] will be transformed into new existence, will be made of permanent substance, like His own substance. That of the old creation which is found to be not of God’s substance, will be burned up. [this may not be instantaneous]. There is no “1000 years” “reign of Christ”.

HELL. Hell is when we are made to confront our lives and what we have done if we have not accepted Jesus. The reality of the tragedy of our personal sin will be brought to bear on us just as Jesus bore it for us, but those who do not let him to have done this for them will have to bear it themselves. Like Jesus on the cross, this experience will be temporary, but may extract a terrible price in the short duration of it. Believers have taken on new life and are to trust God that they “will never see death”. There may be some who “just scrape through”, but the whole idea of hell should be foreign to the believer’s conscience.

[Those who have, through faith in Jesus, through being united with Him, having become a new creation in this life, will have that status confirmed in the next, being permanently united with Him.]

[PS Might as well add that Romans 7 does not describe the Christian condition, but rather, is slavery to sin under law, from which condition, a man is released into Christ. Also the dead return to dust until the resurrection of the just and the unjust, when “the dead in Christ will rise first”. Also that “He has abolished the law”. The law was temporary. Christians are not under law]


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