Opinion piece.

There is an article on the web about the words “washed in the blood” not being in modern versions of the new testament.

The thing is, that there are some people who think the A.V. (King James Version) of the New Testament is the only one that is correct.

How can they make these sorts of claims if the original language clearly does NOT use the words “washed in the blood”? And a major error in the King James also, is one which has caused a lot of trouble over the years, and that is where it says “sin is the transgression of the law”. Clearly, for that to be true, the law would still apply to Christians, NOT SO. Modern versions correct this fallacy.

One of the evidences against the Mormon “version of the bible” (to  which they give more authority than our scriptures) called “the book of Mormon”, is that it contains the same errors as the King James Version, showing that it was compiled and pilfered from the A.V.

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