I just read a complex article regarding the scientific process of Jesus DNA inheritance from God and from Mary*. But regardless of the intricacies of the supposed scientific approach, it remains clear to me that this question remains unanswered by the majority position.

Recently I heard a church person stating that the blood of Jesus was special, was unlike our blood, and was unique and there was none before it and none after it that was the same.

I find it unfortunate that the atonement is so misunderstood as to cause such an explanation about the specialness of Jesus blood as being the reason why “it” was able to atone for sin.

Yes, we were meant to accept his sacrifice through the filter of the old testament animal sacrifices. But this was because there was no other way to directly impact the guilt of man at a primary level. It was intended to convey the finality of the issue, that His death brought to an end the responsibility for sin and death that lies heavily on man’s conscience, that death was caused by man’s interference with God’s creation.

It was meant to remove all consciousness of that death, so that life consciousness could result. And at the primary level, it meant a complete and utter end and finish to the sin question. A death had occurred which would cover all deaths. And how could it do that? Not because of the specialness of the blood, but because of the specialness of the one to whom the blood belonged. That the one who died, was, by proxy, the Father himself, who suffered the “death” caused through the pain of his Son, who battled the creative disruption and defect [death] that He was overcoming within His body.

That it was  God’s LOVE that was impinged upon, was hurt, was assailed by all that was not of God and therefore was foreign to His realm, and which failure was being restored to original intention.

Jesus blood could easily have been O positive, or any other blood type common to man. He could also just as easily have had a “unique” blood type. But this is not what matters, it has NOTHING to do with atoning for sin.

The salvation of man lies in His trust that God is a God of love who not only is WILLING to forgive, but who has already demonstrated this forgiveness by absorbing the suffering of it into His own personality, His own HEART. The damage done by sin is something only God can deal with, and He has shown that He alone absorbs that damage, and He has shown it through His Son, Jesus. And only then is He able to give us of His own Spirit, His life.

It is against this background context of a loving Father that man can now move forward in complete trust of His goodwill towards us. That NOW we are confident of who He is and why things are the way they are. It is only in this relationship of trust and love that His purpose with us can be fulfilled, leading to the ultimate end result, the culmination of this relationship in the glorification of His creative purpose in us, as we are found to be in Him.

And so God draws man to that place of understanding He has always endeavoured to convey to “fallen” man. That He is loving, forgiving God, Father, “Abba”; where no “sin” can stand or hold sway, either over Him or over us, and it is in this assurance we must dwell.

[* ]

Cblood Cdna Cd.n.a.


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