As events continue to unfold in the middle east, Christadelphian doctrine seems to be given a “shot in the arm” by the accuracy of their prophetic interpretation. There is no doubt that events appear to be shaping up in line with their long time held beliefs in this regard.

Be that as it may, it remains for events themselves to tell their story, whether shortly to be revealed, or even more mayhem and chaos to be unleashed on the human race before His coming. [or the antichrist].

Looking at Christadelphian content on the web regarding the atonement and other subjects, shows them to be seriously astray on the most important “doctrine” of all. While their various groups may vary greatly in local beliefs, and some are growing stronger in the more conventional aspects of conventional Christianity, the hard core groups remain lost in fantasy.

Firstly it has to be presented that Christadelphianism, like other sects, has had a history of causing marriage breakdown and fractured family relationships. This is because of the most common of the aspects of their existence that they hold in common with  other sects, those being the exclusivity that comes from holding a set of doctrines to be the be all and end all, known as “the truth”. Anyone stepping outside of these doctrinal ideas is ostracized, just like Jehovahs witnesses, exclusive Brethren, World wide church of God, and others.

This is pure legalism, and the suffering caused to families over the years has been immense. Furthermore, it is difficult to repair the damage done by these organisations, because of the brain washing involved.

Like other groups, the intensity of their faith rests, like the Pharisees, on their perceived literal correctness of their scriptural interpretation. It is difficult to understand how these groups can believe, for example, how the animal sacrifices of old are to be set up again once Christ returns. This is part of the error that believes in a literal return to Jerusalem and rebuilding the temple and these apparently spiritual superior ones then teaching the rest of us mortals the true religion. [which shows a complete lack of understanding of associated end time events].

But the worst of it is as it always has been, the error involved in what the atonement was and how it removes sin.

Arguments about this are peppered with words like “representation”, “substitution” and others. Of course, there is also variation in the popular camp about aspects of the atonement. But the core issue traditionally has always been that Christ, through bearing the result of sin, the “punishment” for sin, has by taking it upon himself, thereby relieved us of our obligation to it.

It is because of this, that the popular idea of “substitution” has, for the most part held sway. This is because it embodies these ideas of himself being the sacrifice that takes away sin. As is plainly written in scripture for all to see.

The problem is, that while various ideas and theories are projected with logical seeming explanations, and words and terms assigned to them, that they (christadelphians and others) miss the whole point of it, which is that God Himself has suffered the result of sin’s onslaught on His creation. And we see this onslaught being taken by His Son, and therefore by Himself, because of the love bond between them. What the Son suffered, the Father also suffered.

When they disconnect this aspect from their atonement explanations, they destroy the power of the cross totally. The key point being that God himself, through His son, has borne the brunt of the failure of His creation to realise it’s fulfillment. That it is LOVE (which God Himself IS) that pays the cost of the errors of the world. This is called “forgiveness”, and is WHAT THE CROSS IS.

It is God’s personal love and forgiveness that calls for man to be recognised by the cross, and recognised, by being His very nature, to have been put into place on the cross in such a way as having ALREADY ACHIEVED THAT FORGIVENESS by which men may recognise His nature, who He is.

It is by this revelation, (the cross), that men can recognise the loving forgiving nature of God and RELY ON IT.

Christadelphians in general do not believe this, though in recent times some may have gained ground in this direction. As with all legalistic systems, they project the idea of salvation by compliance to laws and precepts, rather than resting on God’s absolute love in having ALREADY DEALT WITH THE PROBLEM. Only recognition that the problem has already been dealt with will remove man from the power of sin in all respects.

Although there are ongoing aspects of growing into the maturity of the faith, the issue of sin and its consequences has already been decided. IT IS DENYING THIS THAT CONTINUES TO HOLD PEOPLE IN THE POWER OF SIN, no matter how much they may be dressed in apparently appropriate religious clothing.

The atonement says that God’s forgiveness is already there, because HIS LOVE always is,  and men are to accept it (HIM) as a living certainty which (who) can “save them from their sins”, because it already has, they only have to believe and rely on it (HIM).

When you alter this, you destroy the power of the cross to destroy sin.

[the following link gives a traditional view of Christadelphia ] [rightly or wrongly]

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3 thoughts on “CHRISTADELPHIAN ERROR [236]

  1. Thanks CCT. Yes, although I must state that I do not believe in “everlasting” hell, it appears their deceptive arguments are aimed at avoiding and excusing the matter so that people then consciously disassociate from it being of any consequence to them, rather than the truth of it which is that man who is still in his sinful nature will be painfully destroyed by it. Although I find many of their points valid, somehow the most important of all (atonement) they seem unable to correctly resolve, and this brings their theological downfall and with it, their adherents also.


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