I had titled this piece “Inner Demons”, but that title ended up not matching the content so much.  So here it is – People are different, but many suffer from those inner demons of guilt and anxiety. I write this so that if this did happen to be my “last post”, that something other than doctrinal insistence would be included in what I have written.

Obviously there are many religions. This one is Christianity. The structure of the religion is somewhat based on the laid down writings that describe it, and we call the various points of belief, “doctrines”. These doctrines enable us to differentiate one religion from another, or one religious variation from another. The particular religion we choose to “like” is the one we decide is the “truth”.

Unfortunately, the “truth” is not something that can be best described by “doctrine”, because doctrine is cold hard and remote from real truth that lights people up on the inside. Certainly there is an initial message which when conveyed correctly will cause a change in that person’s thinking to occur. If it is the truth that counts, the living truth by the Spirit, then there will be a change of heart by the person. If however, the supposed truth is only a set of facts that occupy the mind of the person, without altering their core value system, then they will remain in the normality of delusion.

So it is not about where we go when we die, or when Christ will come again, or whether angels have wings – But it IS about who God is, who His Son is, and what He has done for us and what He has promised to further do. Therefore the simplicity of the gospel and the simplicity of what Christ has done are of paramount importance when it comes to conveying this information to others.

So there can be no compromise that Christ has borne our sins in His body on the cross, that we are forgiven on the basis of His sacrifice for us. And the world. As a gift. Because of His love.

In order that the impact of the Truth, the real spiritual truth, not the shallow doctrinal truth, will impact the heart and relieve it of its burden of sin and shame and guilt. That new hope enters the life that now believes in a God of love, who is only concerned about our well-being, and has acted accordingly to bring knowledge of Himself to our heart through His Son.

Yes it is all about the heart, that vulnerable place that we tend to shrink from because of hurts we have previously experienced, and because it contains no intellectual merit. Yet it is because of those very hurts that we are able to recognise love for what it is and who He is. He is the reason that we feel the way we do, because we were created to have feelings, and to search for truth and meaning in our lives, to replace the futility of existence that otherwise presents itself.

It is with good reason that Jesus said that unless you receive the Kingdom of God like a little child you will never enter therein.

So we can talk about doctrines, and assign various levels of importance to them – but to insist that they are the crucial aspects of our faith is ridiculous and untrue. It is the loving heart that will enter into the covenant of love and forgiveness. And it is only this same heart that will submit to that love and its associated righteousness. True love will always suffer at the hands of those who hate, or those who are devoid of love for anyone but themselves.

So this is the importance, that true fruit of true Spirit results, love joy peace, righteousness. Not the dotting of the “I’s” and the crossing of the “T’s” in pursuance of doctrinal correctness, however much we may feel they are assets to our cause. We may in that case, have the wrong “cause”, a cause of our own making instead of His.

Human beings are very complex and are both differently hard wired as well as differently programmed by their individual experiences. But to remain as an autonomous unit, without knowledge of and reliance on the God of love and mercy, is to remain caught in a futile tail-chasing jig saw puzzle, as only He can provide the missing piece of the puzzle, so we can become complete people, at peace with Him and ourselves.

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