Here I provide a link to the story of an ex Christadelphian. He is one of the fortunate few who, after leaving this group, was able to re-enter the Christian faith and discover the real truth to be found in Christ. I say fortunate because many who leave this group are then left far removed from any semblance of faith – they mostly become atheists, and there is a website sadly devoted to promoting the cause of atheism as a reaction against their bad experience within Christadelphianism. The reason why they are left “out in the cold” is because this group do not believe in interaction with the living Spirit of God. So never having had or known the Spirit, they are left with nothing when they leave.

There are other groups to whom the same criteria apply, “world wide church of god”, the Herbert Armstrong group are another who have caused the birth of a web site with people telling their sad tales of what amounts to emotional abuse.

Link to “Why I left the Christadelphians” by Allon Maxwell. [ ]

Link to Armstrong WCG former members [ ]

Further link [ ]

further Christadelphian references [ ]   [ ]  [,84561 ]

Carmstrong Cchristadelphian Cwcg


2 thoughts on “THE EX CHRISTADELPHIAN [240]

  1. Hi – I read the piece and though I hope that he is doing well there is some serious confusion obviously present.

    The cults get their claws in so deep and demand such loyalty from their members it is really hard to trust anyone after leaving.


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