Following on from previous posts, I wish to point out what the foundational problem is in sects and Christian based organisations that do not conform to the accepted norms of the faith.

There is only one basic, fundamental problem, and that is the most important thing of all. They neglect to see and admit that they are totally dependent on God’s love as He has already enacted it in Jesus on the cross. That He not only forgives, but that He has already forgiven, and it is the surety and certainty of God and His love, that they deny.

So rather than admit to HIS righteousness, they try to establish their own, by following in the righteous footsteps of Christ. In other words, they try to do it themselves. They try to be “Christ like”. They do not recognise that God has already taken on board (since the foundation of the world) and dealt with all and every aspect of sin and the sin condition.

They fail to recognise that God has provided and given His love to them in the form of His Son, and the following Holy Spirit, as the means by which we can succeed in overcoming all that is not of Him. Their doctrine insists that the Spirit is only that which is instilled in them by reading the word, that there is no direct spiritual link between God and man.

Therefore they are self-sufficient, not Christ sufficient, and when “self” fails, as it always does, there is nothing left but flesh. The “spirit” they have is of the flesh, of their own making, and how can it be otherwise when they teach this very thing in denial of the indwelling, GIFT of righteousness, of himself, of His love. [Spirit]

Therefore error in other teaching matters little  because it is this one which is their downfall, what amounts to the denial of Christ, who He was and is, and what He did for us. This is why real love is impossible for them to attain or to manifest, because they have denied the means by which that love, that nature of God, is to be received.*

(some) “Christadelphians” for example, who DO manage to come to a knowledge of God’s love, do so DESPITE the teaching, not because of it, but this is a theoretical situation, because this means some kind of internal “double shuffle” has to go on in their minds, because it is at variance with the main thrust of their teaching. Some of their groups who have doctrinally shifted sideways somewhat, may exhibit “life”, but such variations are inevitably, sooner or later, “squashed” by the upper heirachy, being either forced to conform or to be disfellowshipped.

  • * The real issue is of them being more concerned with indoctrinating people than simply LOVING them, and them not recognising that this is what God requires. By their insistence on what is doctrinal purity according to them, they deny the love of God and hence deny it for themselves also.
  • It is reliance on God and His love that is asked for, but if you do not believe that this is what has been given in Christ then you can never receive it yourself, nor will you make it available to others.

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