Having finally gotten around to a conclusion on christadelphianism, I looked at one of the forums by disgruntled ex members, many of whom are now vehement and vocal atheists, and looked to responding to one of the posts, but which attempt failed. But here is what I had written.

“Not much point in commenting on atheism because christadelphians were atheists even before they left christadelphia. They were never given the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the real truth,  [the real Spirit] because christadelphianism is, and always has been, a lie.”

In subsequently talking with an ex christadelphian, he asked why was it that they seemed to get it so right, yet failed when it came to the most important thing of all, the cross. I said I didn’t know, but later on it all seemed to fit into place.

It is because the truth of the cross would destroy the intellectualism, the Ego, the flesh, (the lie) that is the whole basis of their theology. THE CROSS DESTROYS THE ORIGINAL LIE ABOUT GOD’S CHARACTER.    [and reveals His true nature].

Christadelphianism then, has become the champion of the lie, and their other doctrines become just a smokescreen, good though some appear to be. I guess here lies the real revealed evil of the nature of deceit, and the real heart of man’s inherent corruption, in using truth mixed with lie, which is exactly what occurred in Eden’s garden.

From my notes. “The best deceit is that which contains some truth, which was the original mechanism involved in the “serpent’s” accusation”.

The cross is designed to bring about the destruction of intellectualism, which is in the flesh, which is the Ego, which is THE LIE that God is not enough, is insufficient. (That the Spirit is insufficient).

And the first of the dot point notes read…1/ Where then is boasting? 2/ The cross is meant to DESTROY THE FLESH. 3/ destroy the EGO. 4/ And bring all men down to a common denominator. 5/ That they might be lifted up.  [all lifted up EQUALLY, not some over others].

So there is much scripture and information that can be added to this in terms of “not many wise…” etc, and that the cross is meant to be taken at “face value”, even though there is, I believe, an appropriate understanding of the cross. (But not the christadelphian one).

[ you enter at the foot of the cross, looking up. ]

MORE. There is hopefully much more to come on this, since it is the heart of the gospel, and it is important to see why and how it becomes error. The issue appears to be that the understanding of the cross is distorted by the ego so that it is altered in its intended meaning. The fact that they deny the continuance of the Spirit’s effects, deny the influence of it (Him) in the Christian’s life in the way that “normal” Christians see it, and pronounce it to be only the “power” of God, instead of the presence of God; all contributes to their denial that God has totally dealt with sin in such a way as to remove us from its power.

The cross is “foolishness”, and it appears that in the quest for ego and intellectual supremacy by which to accuse all other Christians of “foolishness”, they find it necessary to distort the meaning of the cross, and thereby destroy its power.

It could not be more black and white. Christians believe that, through Jesus, God has taken upon himself the penalty of sin, so that we might take on His life. The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. This is speaking of the law of sin and death, this law which Jesus brought to nought by absorbing its reality within His body. That He brought to nought by becoming a life giving Spirit, to be given to men as a free gift.

Christadelphians believe that Jesus saved himself (saved meaning saved from his body of death) and that He simply set an example for men to follow. So they deny the power of the indwelling Spirit whose authority was dispensed at Pentecost BY WHICH men now undergo transformation, and they deny that Jesus took their sin, so they are left only with the obligation to now “perform” in a righteous manner and gradually by their understanding of scripture, be conformed to the given standard as interpreted by their doctrines.

They live under conditional forgiveness which has to be earned by their performance of the aforesaid righteousness. Now this is a classical  case of self righteousness, of attempting to “pull themselves up by the bootlaces” WITHOUT ASSURANCE OF FORGIVENESS. This of course removes the whole power of the gospel to remove sin, and throws them on their own resources, which inevitably fail. It puts so much pressure on individuals and family structures that down the track, they fall apart. The inevitable Romans 7 powerlessness that is through the flesh, the ego, is not altered, just dressed up in fine religious jargon that seeks to elevate themselves above all others (typical cult/sect behaviour).

They pride themselves on being spiritual jews, and their doctrines might as well be Jewish, for they deny the Christ of the gospel, and replace Him with another. In fact, they re-crucify Him, according to Paul’s words.

[ http://www.caic.org.au/biblebase/chrsdels/chdelph2.htm ]

[ https://gotquestions.org/Christadelphianism.html ]

[ https://beyondthechristadelphians.wordpress.com ]

[Where the cross is meant to destroy the ego, christadelphianism builds it up. ]

Armstrongism [ http://hwarmstrong.com/grown.htm#new11_20_2014 ]  This is an eye opener on legalism.

Ego – [ http://www.yhwh.com/Cross/cross14.htm ] Be careful with this one.

Added notes – There are some things that indicate a problem with a group or individual. – Any group that use special names for themselves or for God or Jesus. (EG yhwh, Yashua, Jehovah). Any group who claim they are the exclusive ones. Any group who claim that only one version of the bible is correct (EG KJV). Any group who deny Jesus took the penalty of sin for us and that His sacrifice was for all sin for all time. Any group who deny that righteousness comes by faith in Jesus death. Any group who insist on tongues as a sign of the Spirit. An early “litmus test” is where people wrongly claim that Paul’s description of himself in Romans 7 is of him as a Christian, as they are usually locked into legalism and retention of the law. Any group who retain the law. Any who won’t keep Christmas, Easter or birthdays.

Anyone who has left these groups is strongly advised to seek psychological professional counseling.

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