FEAR [251]

The basic tool of the creative process is fear.  The fundamental verse to do with this is “Through fear of death man is subject to life long bondage.” It is the bondage broken or maintained that is the issue. “Fear God” suggests the aspect of fear for good reasons, seemingly the context should be that of natural unregenerate man coming to realise that those reasons are in place through the natural creation and are based on his lack of “moral performance”. But even primitive man lives in the darkness of superstitious fear.

This moral lack is due to basic primitive urges, that unless covered up or controlled by societal standards, may emerge in very bad ways. Society develops controlling methods such as rules and laws so that those who want to run things, can have space in which to operate, be that in a good or bad way.

So there is a natural covering up of this fear in every person, that disassociates themselves from the inner nature of evil [and from their true selves] which is really the result of man’s inner creativity gone rampart in the wrong way. [the “lie” has control]

It would seem that the “return” to the process of goodness is impossible to happen of  and by itself. While the sinking of man’s morality was an inevitability, his return from this mess is far less likely than putting a man on the moon. The moon success was a harnessing of natural [ego] processes and reflects the creative nature of God rather than man’s degenerate nature. The basic corruptive fear remains, no matter how deeply it may appear to be buried.

But it is this very fear which, once reversed,  can result in all the good things of God. The flight from fear to love occurs within the context of the conviction that there exists a condition that is freely available, by which the reason for that fear is removed. A door of escape is opened and the prisoner is free. The degree to which the prisoner appreciates his freedom will reflect the degree of change that occurs. “Who is forgiven much, loves much, but he who is forgiven little, loves little.”

As people enter into this new belief of how things really are, they confirm to others and themselves that the old has gone, the new has come. “And so we have come to know and rely on, the love that God has for us”. The processes of our inner fear are there because we are by nature creatures of fear; and not without good reason, because what is of the “natural” will be removed from eternity, it is only that which is of the “super-natural” [or the “true” natural] that will survive. But God’s intention was always that we should come to “learn of [from] him” and through trust in his love, [as demonstrated through Jesus on the cross] remove ourselves, be removed from, those natural processes that fear empowers. “For the love of Christ constrains me”.

One of the “signs” to ourselves that indicate we are “in the right place” is given as “because we love the brethren”.  [Another reason to meet with other believers.] “As they went, they were healed”. Not all “returned” and gave thanks. Let us be thankful that He has returned us. “[his]Perfect love casts out all fear”. Remember, the separation from God that we sense is not of Him, he has removed all reason for us to hang on to our sin, to hang on to the corruption of “the lie”. One of the greatest problems with fear is that it causes us to hide our emotions, and these emotions are those which are tied closely to the inner depths of our being and are where the real self resides. So when we talk about the change from fear to love, we are also talking about the change from a hardened heart [of stone] to a  heart of flesh [soft].

“Let your gentleness be seen by all”.  “HE HAS ABOLISHED DEATH..”


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