This verse typifies God’s nature because he is unchanging and constant.  Before we were born he gave his answer on the cross, the answer to our plight of death, frustration and futility. Before we called on him for help, he had already made known his salvation by faith in righteousness, HIS righteousness. His demonstration of his forgiving nature, this time of grace, was portrayed by the sacrifice of his son, by his loving obedience to his Father of righteousness.

So his forgiveness was already in place before the foundation of the world. None of the iniquity, the evil outworking from the heart of man, was or is, ever able to maintain the cause of separation from God, because his love demands it be subject to his forgiveness of all things as demonstrated, accomplished and achieved in Jesus’ body.

Love has both forgiven all things and seeks to further forgive all things. This corresponds that he potentially forgives all things as well as actually forgives all things*.

There is nothing that can stand as a barrier between us and him except our disbelief; not only in who he is and his perfect love for us, but also in his demonstration of his loving forgiving nature, as put forth on the cross.

*This statement is not strong enough – He has rendered all things “Obsolete” and of no accord – in fact he has prejudged the world and asks that all people recognise the validity of this judgement, and respond accordingly.

There is nothing that can separate us from God’s love, whether it be now or then, we will either willingly submit to Him to our eternal benefit, or we will be forced to submission when He returns in the fire of the Spirit which will leave us “neither root nor branch”. Destruction.

But this “destruction” is meant to occur to our sin nature by our willing assent and co-operation because of our belief in the revealed nature of God as he has dealt with OUR sin in the person of his son. Because we agree with, and because we also desire, HIS righteous judgement on our sin nature, so we can be free of it. And we are free of it by believing he has freed us from it. Which he has.

[ Jesus has healed us ] [The destruction of the work of the lie is accompanied by the return to truth] [ As they went, they were healed ].


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